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Inspired by the luxurious and artistic Louvre, the version of yacino wallpaper Ode to the Louvre endows the product with European elegance, refinement, luxury and beauty

the Louvre, one of the largest palace buildings in France, is located on the Bank of the Seine River in Paris, the capital, and on the south side of the Paris Opera House square. The Louvre museum is famous all over the world, not only because of its rich and precious exhibits, but also because the museum itself is an outstanding art building. The East facade of the Louvre is a representative work of European classical architecture. The whole building is magnificent. Hundreds of spacious halls used to display treasures are magnificent. The walls and tops of the hall are covered with exquisite murals and fine reliefs. Everywhere are painstaking artistic crystallization, which is breathtaking

"Ode to the Louvre" shows the European luxury temperament

yacino wallpaper "Ode to the Louvre" version is inspired by the luxurious, solemn and artistic Louvre, giving the product a European elegant, exquisite, luxurious and beautiful temperament. Damascus pattern design is adopted, which is beautiful and magnificent, quite everyone's style. The classic design reveals a little solemn atmosphere, and the majestic atmosphere of European style Imperial Palace flows in the classic design, which is dazzling but calm and elegant. With the design of some classic European flowers, it creates a European Court atmosphere with a super three-dimensional sense, which is gorgeous, elegant and romantic. The wallpaper pattern is retro and atmospheric. The three-dimensional design can enhance the surface touch and multi-angle look. The texture is smooth, the workmanship is exquisite, and the domineering leakage is elegant, showing the Royal Style heartily

the color is clear and beautiful, creating a delicate and elegant feeling

this version selects the clear and beautiful color system, and creates a delicate and elegant feeling through pure and clear colors. It is comfortable and pleasant, with excellent quality, showing a freehand style. In terms of material and production technology, the yacino Louvre chanson version also pursues refinement and excellence. It uses environmental friendly and high-quality 150g non-woven backing paper, which is moisture-proof, breathable, tough and crack resistant, soft and smooth to touch, and more delicate to touch. In terms of production technology, yacino wallpaper Louvre chanson version gathers multi-layer slurry accumulation through multi-layer foaming process, making the wallpaper pattern more three-dimensional, clear texture, and quite high quality; At the same time, the use of embossing technology also creates a textile like suede touch for the wallpaper, which makes the surface of the wallpaper delicate and soft, delicate and elegant, and more distinctive

the yacino wallpaper version of the Louvre ode perfectly inherits the solemn, elegant, luxurious and low-key style of the Louvre, and perfectly interprets the elegant and rich artistic flavor of the Louvre, showing luxuriance and beauty. Make home more noble and comfortable





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