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In order to improve the quality of life, many people prefer European style furniture when decorating, because they are atmospheric and elegant. Each furniture is hand polished by craftsmen, which is a symbol of identity and status. The same is true of imported socci furniture. He pays special attention to the style of classical furniture and believes that each furniture is polished

socci furniture has made great efforts to retain the traditional furniture skills. All furniture products are hand-made, and natural methods are used. The surface is treated with wax. Every detail is carved by masters, and the style comes from the ancient century palace in Florence

The production process of socci collections is completely arranged in Italy and equipped with high-quality and excellent raw materials and professional staff. They use exquisite carvings and inlays on precious solid wood, gold leaves of ancient coins, noble marble, pure hand decoration, and unique and gorgeous fabrics, which makes socci furniture form unique characteristics and take the lead in the furniture industry

nowadays, socci furniture company is famous for its unique way of using gold and silver foil. This is one of the few companies that still use the traditional craftsmanship handed down from Florence since the early Renaissance. This unique Florentine process, known as gold-plated gouache, is completely done by hand and uses only natural materials

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