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With the progress of society and the improvement of consumption level, fully decorated housing has gradually become the general trend of housing industry development. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places have successively issued relevant regulations on the full decoration of the real estate market. In fact, the full decoration of commercial housing is basically an international practice. Vigorously promoting the full decoration of housing is not only to be in line with international standards, but also for sustainable development, energy conservation and green environmental protection

China will gradually eliminate blank houses in the future, and Shanghai is expected to take about 2 to 3 years. What will be the impact on Shanghai interior decoration design, Shanghai building materials and Shanghai interior decoration materials, including doors and windows? Where is the way out

the change of direct purchase objects has raised the threshold for enterprises to enter the market.

doors and windows have become an important aspect of decoration. Consumers are willing to invest a lot of energy, time and money in order to find the most satisfactory sanitary ware for their own rooms. With the arrival of the era of full decoration in the real estate market, consumers' choice of doors and windows will slowly change. From the original independent choice, supervision of installation, independent solution of after-sales problems, to the developer responsible for all procedures, consumers can save a lot of heart. Therefore, buyers of doors and windows will change from single consumers to real estate developers or decoration companies, which also raises the threshold for door and window manufacturers to enter the market

considering the production capacity, management and logistics supporting strength of the enterprise, the weak will be eliminated

the object of order sales, mass production, unified installation and after-sales service is no longer individuals, but enterprises, which is bound to have a certain impact on door and window manufacturers. In other words, the main body of both direct buyers and sellers is enterprises, and the power gap is not so great. Developers and decoration companies will have more say in the installation and service of doors and windows to protect the interests of property buyers. Therefore, this is a great test for door and window manufacturers. The upgrading of customers has higher requirements for enterprises, which virtually raises the threshold. Enterprises with weak strength or bad reputation will be eliminated under this situation, accelerating the "reshuffle" of the industry

marketing ideas need to be adjusted appropriately

in the market environment dominated by individual consumers, marketing ideas are mainly to impress the consumer groups themselves, but in the era of full decoration, we must also consider direct buyers (that is, developers and decoration companies), how to make them satisfied and worry free in the whole process of service, so as to safeguard the interests of such large customers. Once a good reputation is established, the cooperation between the two sides will be maintained for a long time

door and window manufacturing enterprises are relatively worry-free and can save management costs.

due to the large amount of work and high requirements, the large-scale "order production" of the enterprise needs to get rid of the production, sales and decoration mode of "home decoration" loose orders. In terms of design, production, delivery and installation, after-sales service and other links, large-scale management costs are saved

the supervision of the industry needs to be strengthened

at present, due to the development stage of the door and window industry, there is still room to strengthen the effective implementation of norms and standards, which leads to problems in some cases with little basis, so it is often difficult to solve problems. However, due to the centralized work volume, high technical and management requirements, and a wide range of involved, the full decoration needs stronger supervision

in short, full decoration is an inevitable trend for the further development of the housing industry, and its impact on the domestic door and window market will be far-reaching and lasting. The way out for the door and window industry is to understand the impact of policies on the market, respond in time, adjust its own business and development strategies, take advantage of changes, and turn the impact into opportunities, so as to find a successful way to adapt to the market





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