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"Slowly, slowly, I learned that the so-called father daughter mother son scene just means that your fate with him is to constantly watch his back drift away in this life. You stand at this end of the path, watching him gradually disappear at the corner of the path, and he silently tells you with his back: don't chase."

-- Excerpt from seeing off, Wen/Long Yingtai

"I have a small house and a small child. Even if there is no spring breeze, there are flowers blooming; there is no summer rain, there are rainbows. There is heavy snow outside the window, but my roses are fragrant in the window. With you, I am not afraid of aging"

-- Excerpt from "with you, I am not afraid of aging", Article/Liu Jirong

every new life is a little angel given by God, which adds infinite fun and reverie to our life. It's not that we accompany their growth, but that they enrich our life. If you want to build a fairy tale world for babies, come to Seabrook's special shop of xibrooke wallpapers to see "cute paradise"

cute giraffes, expressive little lions, and q-version elephants are playing happily; The silly bear holds the stars, as if living in the beautiful night sky; The fresh and lovely blue small pastoral style with small dot patterns makes the baby's room filled with fragrance all the time, cute and innocent, adding a sweet childlike interest to the baby's sky

"cute paradise" is designed with "cute" as the main line. There are not only cartoon patterns loved by children, but also various beautiful colors, which can not only stimulate children's development, but also make the whole children's room look more vibrant

the color is lively and fresh, simple and lively, with fresh and lovely sky blue, Princess powder, fragrant grass green, lemon yellow as the main tone. Such color can add infinite happy atmosphere to the room, make the baby's room filled with fragrance all the time, and add fairy tale artistic conception to the child's room




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