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Xinhaoxuan doors and windows have always kept pace with the world, integrating fashion, trend, art, lifestyle, etc., and creating high-end silent doors and windows that meet the high-quality needs of users

yesterday, the 2019 Milan International Furniture Exhibition opened grandly

the international furniture exhibition in Milan, Italy has always had great light and charm. It is almost the place where the world's popular trends in design, home furnishing, furniture and other fields are released. It brings together many world-leading designs and products, representing the top level of furniture and home furnishing design in the world

looking at the design styles of major brands in the world participating in the exhibition this year, it is not difficult to find that modern simplicity is still the mainstream style of home collocation. For example:

poliform's products are in line with the aesthetics of luxury house design with simple and neat lines, noble and elegant colors, and a sense of nature, history and detail

picture | poliform products

the product design of flexform integrates the local fashion of Milan and the simplicity of southern Italy. The design style spans classic and modern, transforming and extending "traditional" things and ideas into "extraordinary" creation

pictures | flexform products

poltrona Frau's products have clear and smooth lines, soft and elegant colors, elegant and noble overall temperament, and no complex and gorgeous decorations. It establishes a closer and lasting relationship between products and people, creating an unforgettable immersive interactive experience

picture | Poltrona Frau products

there are too many household fashion products of other brands, so we won't repeat them one by one. However, from the display mode of these brand products, high-end doors and windows are essential in high-end home collocation. Through sound reduction and noise reduction, high lighting rate and scene exchange and interworking, we can maximize the atmosphere of immersive interactive experience, and the appearance design is highly matched with the mainstream style of modern simplicity. Xinhaoxuan doors and windows are such doors and windows

our pursuit of sound insulation effect has always been persistent

some people say that dreams are the only tool that can reverse time. Xinhaoxuan doors and windows always pursue sound insulation effect, because our dream is to protect countless families

the doors and windows of Xinhaoxuan adopt the national standard silicon titanium magnesium aluminum alloy profile, the overall bridge breaking and multi cavity structure design, combined with automobile grade tempered glass and sealant strip, which greatly improves the sound insulation, heat insulation, wind resistance and waterproof performance, so that your family can stay away from the noise and enjoy the leisure time

simple design, high lighting rate

some people also say that home is the content of residence, and residence is the packaging of home. Xinhaoxuan doors and windows should not only create a warm and beautiful quiet environment for users' families, but also strive to improve the permeability, clarity and livability of the residence

the narrow side sliding door takes minimalism as the design concept, and the simple door frame lines highlight the proportion of tempered glass, greatly improving the line of sight and visual effect. Through the narrow sliding door, you can feel "you stand on the bridge and watch the scenery, and the people watching the scenery are watching you upstairs. The moon decorates your Windows, and you decorate other people's dreams." The beauty of Artistic Conception

you stand on the bridge to see the scenery, and the scenery watcher looks at you upstairs

the bright moon decorates your Windows, and you decorate others' dreams

-- Bian Zhilin's broken chapter

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows sunshine room series, which has a good English name winter garden, which translates directly into winter garden, implying that the room and the sun are in close contact, romantic and warm

bunches of glittering gold wires pass through every corner of the world, illuminating not only the house, but also your heart. The breeze came slowly, and the air was filled with the smell of sunshine. Sit quietly in the sun, listen to the melody of music, close your eyes, and feel that the world is your own

ingenuity quality gives you a more advanced experience

Gu man said: if there was such a person in the world, others would make do with it, and I am not willing to make do with it. Love is like this, so is life. The appearance of life is finally presented as the appearance of home, and the style presented by home is the appearance of life

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows want to give users a quality and stylish home experience, and make every detail of the product with the utmost craftsmanship to create craftsmanship quality

accessories are imported from Germany: hobo Hoppe, Gewu G-U, norto roto, technoform and so on. Tens of thousands of opening tests make door and window products safer and more reassuring, which is an artistic masterpiece within your reach

hidden drainage technology, combined with advanced wind proof and drainage seals, has both aesthetics and practicality, smooth drainage and strong watertightness

the international furniture exhibition in Milan, Italy has long become a truly grand event for global designers and creative workers. The fashion trend set off by many internationally leading designs and products has brought more fresh inspiration and creativity to the design of household products. Xinhaoxuan doors and windows have always kept pace with the world, integrating fashion, trend, art, lifestyle, etc., and creating high-end silent doors and windows that meet the high-quality needs of users




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