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Overview of composite explosion-proof fluorescent lamps

exlu-6000 high-efficiency energy-saving explosion-proof lamps are designed and manufactured according to IEC, European Community en50014/and Chinese gb3836. Its explosion-proof performance depends on the composite structure. 1 the operator shall operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. Sand filled electronic ballast the lamp shall be treated with sand filled explosion-proof technical measures for contactless electronic ballast. It can be used for both AC and DC power supply. When 50Hz and 60Hz AC power supply is adopted, the working voltage can meet the requirements of starting at v. When DC power supply is adopted, the working voltage can meet the requirements of starting at v. Under low temperature, the instantaneous start can be between -20 - +40 ℃, and there is no flashing light. The lamp can not only save energy by 50%, but also has the function of automatic power off. 2. flameproof shell the shell of the lamp is made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin material with a standard length of at least 3M for long samples such as steel wire rope, chain, cable, steel strand, etc. The transparent cover is made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate material has outstanding impact strength and creep resistance, high heat resistance and cold resistance, and can be used in the range of -100 - +130 ℃. It has high tensile and bending strength, calibrated elongation and elastic modulus, good electrical performance in a large temperature range, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, good wear resistance, high light transmittance and good chemical corrosion resistance. Glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin, commonly known as FRP, has high mechanical strength and is close to metal in some aspects. Its relative density is 1.7-1.9, only 1/4-1/5 of structural steel and 2/3 of aluminum alloy. Its tensile strength is 1 times higher than that of steel. With the rapid development of extruder Market in China, it is 1-1.5 times higher than that of aluminum alloy. The lamp is designed on the basis of the latest lighting engineering. The space between the two lamps is wide and the radiation angle range is large. In particular, the specially designed corrugated structure is adopted on the inner surface of the transparent cover, which ensures that the luminous efficiency is as high as 74--82% during operation. Its light intensity distribution is bowl shaped. (2) remove the sealing ring and ring on the inner wall of the oil cylinder after lifting the piston with two M12 lifting ring screws; Comply with b31.2 of German LITG standard (standard of lighting Engineering Association). A protective gasket is set between the shell of the lamp and the transparent cover, which is compressed by the interlocking mechanism, and the protective performance can reach IP66. The interlock mechanism of the flameproof switch operates. When the flameproof switch is in the off position, the shell can be opened, and the lamp will automatically cut off power at the same time. The lamp has a terminal board that is easy to connect and connect, which greatly simplifies the connection of power conductors. The complete set of devices can be installed during construction, and can also be used to connect several lamp circuits directly in the future. Its use and maintenance are particularly simple

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