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Overview of corrugated box (III)

the typical structure of corrugated board at the "3rd CPRJ household appliances/3c electronic plastics technology forum and Exhibition" to be opened on September 21 is shown in the figure below, which is a clever combination of face paper and corrugated paper. From the perspective of structural mechanics, its shape is very scientific and reasonable

I. corrugated type of corrugated paperboard

the core part of corrugated paperboard is corrugated, so the shape, type and combination of corrugated have a great impact on the characteristics of corrugated paper. Now let's talk about the basic points of corrugated type

1. Type of corrugated type

the structural feature of corrugated paper is corrugated pressed. Corrugated is the main body of corrugated paper. Corrugated board is made of face paper and core paper with the same texture. If the shape of corrugated board is different, the performance of corrugated board is also different

at present, there are several types of corrugated paper used all over the world: type A, type B, type C, type E; The uses of these four types of corrugated materials can be summarized as follows: for outer packaging - for inner packaging of type A, B and C corrugated materials - for small packaging of type B and e corrugated materials - for inner packaging of type E corrugated materials

the uses of these four types of corrugated materials can be summarized as follows: for outer packaging - for inner packaging of type A, B and C corrugated materials - for small packaging of type B and e corrugated materials - for e corrugated materials

first, let's talk about the characteristics of type A, B and C corrugated materials for outer packaging

1) A-type corrugation

a-type corrugation is characterized by a small number of corrugations per unit length and the highest corrugation. The corrugated box made of A-type corrugated box is suitable for packing lighter articles and has a large buffer force

2) B-type corrugated box

b-type corrugated box is opposite to A-type corrugated box. The number of corrugated boxes per unit length is large and the corrugated performance is the lowest. The corrugated box made of B-type corrugated box is suitable for packing heavy and hard items, and is mostly used for packing canned and bottled items

in addition, there is a tendency to make use of the hard and unbreakable characteristics of the B-shaped ridge to make a complex shaped combination box after punching

3) C-shaped corrugation

c-shaped corrugation number and height per unit length are between A-shaped corrugation and B-shaped corrugation. The performance is close to that of A-type ridge. In recent years, with the increase of storage and transportation costs, the small C-shaped corrugated board has attracted people's attention and has become the corrugated board adopted by European and American countries

secondly, let's talk about the characteristics of e-type corrugated used for inner packaging and small packaging

4) E-shaped corrugation

e-shaped corrugation generally has about 95 corrugations within 30cm in length, and the corrugation height is about 1.1mm (the corrugation height of our company is 1.7mm). Compared with type A, B and C corrugation used for outer packaging, it is thinner and harder. Therefore, the main purpose of developing the E-type corrugated board is to make it into a folding carton to increase the cushioning. Corrugated paper boxes made of e-type corrugated paper have beautiful appearance and smooth surface, and can be used for complex printing. Therefore, they are usually used for decorative corrugated paper boxes

the above four types of corrugation are shown in the following figure

types of corrugation

number of standard corrugations with corrugation height of 30cm

a type 4 834 ± 2

type B 2 850 ± 2

c type 3 840 ± 2

e type is about 1.193 ± 5

II. The type of corrugated paperboard

the type of corrugated paperboard depends on the combination mode of various corrugated types. The physical properties of corrugated board vary with different combinations

usually corrugated cardboard can be classified according to its structure or use

single-sided corrugated board, double-sided corrugated board (three-layer single corrugated board)

classification according to structure:

double-sided corrugated board with two cores, (five-layer double corrugated board), three-core double-sided corrugated board, (seven-layer three corrugated board), corrugated board for inner packaging

classification according to use

corrugated board for outer packaging

classification according to structure, that is, classification according to the use of several core papers and face papers

I. single sided corrugated paperboard

single sided corrugated paperboard, as shown in the figure above, is pasted with face paper on one side of the corrugated core paper, and its title is defined according to the number of face paper used. Generally, single sided corrugated paperboard is not directly used to make corrugated cartons, but rolled into a barrel or cut into a certain size, which is used as cushioning material and fixing material

II. Double sided corrugated board (three-layer corrugated board) is commonly known as single corrugated.

double sided corrugated board is made by pasting face paper on both sides of corrugated paper as shown in the figure. You can use either a, B, C or e for the ridge type. At present, the double-sided corrugated board is the most used in making cartons in the world

III. double sided corrugated board (five layers of corrugated board) is commonly known as double corrugated

double sided corrugated board is made of two layers of corrugated paper plus face paper, that is, it is made of a piece of single-sided corrugated board and a piece of double-sided corrugated board. In terms of structure, it can adopt various combinations of ridge types, so its performance is also different. Due to the thickness of ordinary double-sided corrugated board, its performance in all aspects is stronger than that of double-sided corrugated board (three-layer corrugated board), especially the compressive strength in the vertical direction, which has been significantly improved. Corrugated boxes made of double-core double-sided corrugated board (five-layer corrugated board) are mostly used for the packaging of vulnerable items, heavy items and long-term preserved items (such as fresh vegetables and fruits with more moisture)

four and three tile double-sided corrugated board (seven layer corrugated board) is commonly known as three corrugated

three core double-sided (seven layer) corrugated board is made of three-layer corrugated paper, that is, a single-sided corrugated paper is pasted with a double-sided corrugated paper. Like double-sided (three-layer) corrugated paper, various combinations of corrugated shapes a, B, C and E can be used. Structurally, this kind of use is expected to maintain a rapid growth in the second half of the year. The corrugated board composed of three corrugated shapes is stronger than the double corrugated double-sided (three-layer) corrugated board composed of two corrugated shapes. Therefore, the corrugated box made of this kind of three corrugated double-sided corrugated board is mostly used to pack heavy goods to replace the wooden boxes in the past. Moreover, this kind of box is not limited to being used alone, but is often combined with wooden pallets and drag boards. The joint of the two shall be fixed with steel belt or special box nails$ Page break $

corrugated box product categories

there are many kinds of corrugated boxes, which can be divided into three categories according to their structure:

slotted box (type 02)

slotted box is the most basic box type in transportation packaging and is also the most widely used box at present. It is composed of one or several pieces of processed corrugated cardboard, which is combined by nailing or bonding. The bottom and top folded pieces (upper and lower swing covers) form the bottom and cover of the box. This kind of carton can be folded and placed horizontally during transportation and storage. It has the advantages of small volume, easy to use, sealing and dustproof, clean inside and outside, etc

nested carton (type 03)

a nested carton is composed of one or several pieces of processed corrugated cardboard, which is characterized by the separation of the box and the cover, and is nested when used. The advantages of this kind of carton are that it is convenient to pack and seal the carton, the goods are not easy to fall off after loading, and the overall strength of the carton is higher than that of the slotted carton. The disadvantage is that the volume is large after nested forming, and the transportation and storage are inconvenient

folding carton (type 04)

folding carton is also called special-shaped carton. It is usually composed of a piece of corrugated cardboard. The low, side and cover of the carton are formed by folding without nailing and bonding

corrugated box accessories

in order to protect the goods from damage during transportation, even the innovative materials and production processes that have been widely used need to design reasonably structured accessories according to the characteristics and requirements of different goods to protect the goods. The most basic carton accessories are as follows:

a. partition: it is used for packaging fragile and vulnerable items such as bottles, separating each item in the box to prevent shaking and collision

b. lining plate: the lining plate is basically composed of three middle schools. One is full lining plate, which is used for multi-layer stacking in the box for layered isolation. The second kind is the bridge lining plate, which is used to level the gap at the place where the cover is closed in the carton. The third is the lining ring. In order to improve the compressive strength of the carton and protect the goods, lining plates are enclosed on the four sides of the carton

c. cushion: various cushions are designed according to the different shapes and weak parts of the goods to fix the goods, so as to ensure that the goods will not move during transportation, and at the same time, it has the function of cushioning

advantages of corrugated box

corrugated box is a paper packaging container made of corrugated board. It has many advantages:

1, light weight and good structural performance. The corrugated structure inside is similar to the arch structure, which can play the role of anti impact and shock absorption, and has good mechanical properties

2. It has many good protection functions for packaged goods. For example, damp proof, heat dissipation, easy handling, etc

3. The transportation cost is low, and it is easy to realize the mechanization and automation of packaging and transportation

4. The change of specification and size is easy to realize and can quickly adapt to the packaging of various items

5. It is convenient to seal and bind, and easy to operate automatically

6. It can adapt to the decoration and printing of various types of cartons, and can well solve the problems of commodity protection and promotion

7. The waste box is easy to recycle and reuse, meeting the requirements of environmental protection

8. On the 26th, the well-known Yongheng cultural and creative park in Taiwan launched a large-scale ground landscape art "starry Grassland" (as shown in the picture) dotted with 4million plastic bottles in Keelung, which is combined with various coverings or moisture-proof materials to greatly expand its scope of use

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