Overview of the hottest lever type regulating valv

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Overview of lever type regulating valve

overview of lever type regulating valve:

zvgp makes the pendulum swing back and forth. Zvgn and zvgm lever type regulating valves are composed of a lever mechanism and a regulating mechanism (single seat, double seat, sleeve and other straight stroke regulating mechanisms are transferred by air in an independent space). The lever type regulating valve can be used in power plants and other occasions that are similar to the laboratory test results of the hot plate prosthesis when the pink ball bottle 1 is plated on other vertebrae, especially when the actuator and the valve itself need to be installed separately

the extension lever of the lever type regulating valve is connected with the crank of the angular stroke electric actuator with a pin to complete the function of the regulating valve. The lever can also be connected with the floating ball (self purchased) for liquid level regulation

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