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The latest news of Tesla battery: energy density 400 watt hours/kg 3

recently, Tesla officially announced that it will hold the Tesla shareholders' meeting and battery day activities on September 22. One of the most expected news is the company's latest "million mile" battery technology

previously, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared some information about the energy density of the new battery through Twitter. The zero point position has changed. Musk said that Tesla is expected to mass produce batteries with longer life and energy density of 400 watt hours/kg within this year. Compared with the batteries currently on sale, the energy density of the new battery can be increased by about 50%. In addition, musk also pointed out that the energy density of Tesla Model 3 battery currently used is about 260 watt hours/kg. In the same case, this will mean the endurance of Tesla models, but the profit is higher. The mileage can be increased by 50% if jjg1136 ⑵ 017 does not select the valley value as the evaluation parameter of cycle torque. At that time, the endurance mileage will exceed 1000 kilometers

this can ensure the stability of current and voltage

in addition, Tesla also released a trailer with a special pattern. According to the analysis of relevant people, this may indicate the emergence of silicon nanowire anode batteries. Tesla battery day on September 22 is less than a month away. Let's look forward to it

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