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Traditional forest paper enterprises are transforming into renewable materials companies

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core tip: on October 22, 2015, the Eighth China paper industry development conference was successfully held in Dongguan, Guangdong, where the seal is composed of silk mother, lead screw, handwheel, head and cover. With the theme of "transformation, reconstruction, optimization and upgrading", the conference invited industry experts and heads of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as forestry, paper, machinery and chemical industry to conduct in-depth discussions on industry trends, technological innovation, value discovery and other topics, and discuss the development path in the context of the new era

[China Packaging News] on October 22, 2015, the Eighth China paper industry development conference was successfully held in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. With the theme of transformation and reconstruction, optimization and upgrading, the conference invited industry experts and heads of domestic and foreign well-known forest paper, machinery, chemical and other enterprises to conduct in-depth discussions on industry trends, technological innovation, value discovery and other topics, and discuss the development path in the context of the new era

guoyongxin, deputy director of China Light Industry Information Center, made a 2015 paper development report of China Paper Industry Chamber of Commerce entitled "new normal strategy of China paper industry", which analyzed the current economic operation of the paper industry. According to the data, the growth rate of China's paper production was 0.1% in January this year, many of which were impacted by electronic media. However, boxboard paper suddenly rose, and the output growth rate reached 14.55% On the whole, the paper industry showed a trend of flat output and higher profits, with a profit growth rate of 5.49% At the same time, the industry shows a trend of two-level differentiation of benefits. With the increase of loss making enterprises, the number of enterprises has decreased, and the industrial concentration has increased significantly. To sum up, in the face of the new situation of national, social and scientific and technological development, the paper industry has calmly responded, actively changed and made progress. Transformation and upgrading, optimization and upgrading have become the main theme, and have also made good achievements

in the Lingnan discussion, the heads of Huatai, Taiyang, Jiulong, Bohui, Yatai Senbo, China paper, golden crown ark and other enterprises introduced their successful cases, shared their ideas in production and management, and talked about promoting rare earth enterprises in Zibo, Yantai, Jining and other cities to vigorously improve the industrialization level of rare earth magnetic materials and their utilization devices, and how to go out under the the Belt and Road strategy under the new situation How to achieve greater benefits with the help of Internet +, how to meet the differentiated needs of customers, and how to improve the overall industrial chain. The conference also invited Mr. shuipi, a famous financial commentator, to make a keynote speech, analyzing the impact of TPP on China's economy and paper industry under the current situation

song Wangqiu, President of Stora Enso group in China, delivered a keynote speech entitled Stora Enso: the transformation of traditional forest paper companies to renewable materials companies, and shared with the participants the ways in which the enterprise responded globally. Song Wangqiu said that as a company with a history of more than 700 years, Stora Enso has experienced many transformations. This time, it will transform from a traditional forest paper company to a renewable material company. With the continuous progress of science and technology, Stora Enso believes that all products made from fossil fuels today can be made from wood, a renewable raw material, in the future. Song Wangqiu also introduced the strategic practice and innovation achievements made by the enterprise in the process of transformation. Globally, reduce and optimize paper production capacity and expand renewable fiber raw materials and packaging capacity, including: transforming the paper machine in valkos, Finland, into a kraft paperboard machine; The acquisition of American virdia biotechnology company and the construction of demonstration plants mark the industrialization of biomass energy; In South America, joint ventures with local enterprises have been established to build pulp mills based on plantations, and high-quality eucalyptus pulp from Montes del Plata pulp mill in Uruguay has been continuously supplied; In China, the high-grade cardboard factory under construction in Beihai, Guangxi is expected to be put into operation in the middle of 2016, and so on

Stora Enso has the courage to examine himself and actively promote transformation through innovation. Stora Enso group has a layout in three aspects: building an innovation culture, improving the innovation system and cultivating innovative talents; Based on its own unique raw material resources, knowledge and ability, it actively predicts and closes to the market and consumption development trend, and determines the key innovation direction as biomass chemistry, biomass materials, forestry and industrial digitalization. In terms of R & D expenditure, Stora Enso still invested heavily even when the global economy was in the doldrums and traditional enterprises tightened their expenses: in 2014, the group's R & D expenditure was 100million euros. The group shares best practices in all business departments to match strategies, resources and capabilities, constantly meet market needs and create new value for customers. After a series of innovative efforts, Stora Enso has made rich innovative achievements in renewable biomass materials, smart packaging and wood applications, such as the commercial production of microfibril cellulose (MFC) and the development of smart chip based packaging in cooperation with NXP

finally, song Wangqiu said: the transformation of traditional enterprises cannot be plain sailing, and it is likely to be long. But the key is to know whether there is a problem with the sensor, start immediately, and go on with concentration and persistence, which will surely lead to a bright road

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