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Latest news of painting enterprises this week

latest news of painting enterprises this week

April 25, 2019

[US $1.25 billion! Wanhua 400000 ton MDI integration project approved]

Wanhua announced that: Wanhua's 400000 ton/year MDI integration project in the United States has been filed by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce

[German Raul color released color trend in autumn and winter 2020]

Color standardization and color consulting service agency Raul color recently released the autumn and winter 2020 indoor color trend "the essence of color"

[AkzoNobel provides a new fire protection system for wooden exterior walls by putting the required columns into the slots]

AkzoNobel provides a new fire protection system for wooden exterior walls. The key component is a super effective flame retardant primer paint

[PPG continues to promote sustainable development goals and works hard to protect and beautify the world]

PPG released the 2018 enterprise sustainable development report, reviewing the company's efforts to fulfill "we protect and beautify the world" in the past year ™” Aims and commitments, progress and major achievements in achieving the 2025 sustainable development goals

[longmang Baili's revenue in 2018 was 10.441 billion yuan, striving to achieve the strategic goal of titanium industry integration]

on the evening of April 22, longmang Baili released its 2018 annual report. The report shows that in 2018, longmang Baili achieved an operating revenue of 10.441 billion yuan, an increase of 1.78% over the previous year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 2.286 billion yuan, a decrease of 8.66% over the previous year

[Arkema starts to increase the capacity of UV curing resin in Sartomer factory in China]

Arkema has successfully started the 30% capacity expansion of its Nansha UV curing advanced liquid resin production plant in the south of Guangzhou, China

[BASF in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park added 20000 tons of polyacrylamide capacity]

on April 16, 2019, BASF added a set of polyacrylamide powder production line in the existing wholly-owned production base in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, which will produce an additional 20000 tons of polyacrylamide every year

[three products of Yuhong Waterproof won the Beijing new technology and new product (service) Certificate]

recently, the wall thickness of the three products independently developed and produced by Yuhong Waterproof is only 25% hca-122 of the previous generation of connectors. The high elastic acrylic waterproof coating for roof, Yuhong 300 self repairing waterproof coating, and L100 sealant have won the approval of Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology Beijing new technology and new products (services) certificate jointly issued by Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision and administration, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee, etc

[PPG publishes the financial report of the first quarter of 2019]

net sales of about $3.6 billion, unchanged from the same period last year (calculated on the basis of constant exchange rate); Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations of $1.31; The adjusted diluted earnings per share of continuing operations was $1.38; By further improving the sales price and cost management measures, the profit margin continued to rise year-on-year

complete the acquisition of Whitford and hemmelrath

[Meijia new material 2018 annual report released, with a revenue of more than 800million]

recently, Anhui Meijia New Material Co., Ltd. released its 2018 annual report. As of December 31, 2018, the company's total assets were 945 million yuan, an increase of 3.58% over the same period last year; Total shareholders' equity was 461million yuan, an increase of 8.55% over the same period last year; The total operating revenue was 807 million yuan, an increase of 21.91% over the same period last year; During the reporting period, the net profit was 36 million yuan, an increase of 9.26% over the same period last year

[Nippon China Automotive Coatings annual trend color: blooming]

as a leading coating service provider in the Asia Pacific region and a leader in the integrated supply of industrial automotive coatings, Nippon has become a long-term partner of many automotive brands with diversified product lines and coating processes in the automotive coating field, accurate customized coating solutions, and rich and sensitive color visual presentation

[BASF introduces a coating that can decompose formaldehyde when the sensor is subjected to the effect of tension P]

BASF recently introduced an interior wall coating that can decompose the indoor free formaldehyde and submit the test results to the publishing administration department in time, Vaseline ® Lanquan ecological paint creates a healthy and safe indoor environment for Chinese consumers

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