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Safety management personnel ability test questions

1. Multiple choice questions (this question includes single choice and multiple choice, multiple choice questions, less choice, and wrong choice will not be scored, 1 point for each question, a total of 30 points)

1. According to the requirements of the production safety law and the occupational safety and health management system in the group integrated management system document, the top management of the enterprise should be responsible for protecting the safety and health of its employees ()

a, comprehensive B, limited C, main D, management

2. Implement the safety technical performance () system for special equipment in use. Special equipment whose safety inspection qualification mark exceeds () shall not be used

a, irregular sampling inspection industry standard B, periodic inspection industry standard

c, irregular sampling inspection validity D, periodic inspection validity

3. From the perspective of preventing electric shock, insulation, screen protection and spacing are the safety measures to prevent ()

a, electromagnetic field damage; B. Indirect contact electric shock; C. Electrostatic shock D, direct contact shock

4. In the production safety law, what are the responsibilities of the main person in charge of the production and business unit for the safety production work of the unit ()

a. establish and improve the safety production system of the unit; Organize the formulation of safety production rules and regulations and operating procedures of the unit

b. Ensure the effective implementation of safety production investment of the unit

c supervise and inspect the safety production work of the unit, and eliminate the hidden dangers of production safety accidents in time

d organize the formulation and implementation of the emergency rescue plan for production safety accidents of the unit; Timely and truthfully report production safety accidents

5. During the lifting operation of the crane, the operations that should not be carried out are ()

a, tilting crane B, truck crane traveling with load

c, standing on the object for lifting D, when the lifting load is moving, ring the bell for warning

6, hazard identification, risk evaluation and risk control procedure documents, which of the following parts is the major hazard control system composed of ()

a. identification of major hazard installations B. evaluation of major hazard installations

c. management of major hazard installations D. accident emergency rescue plan

7. The qualification certificates that must be obtained by enterprises producing "hard hats" are ()

a. business license of labor protection articles production enterprise B. production license of special labor protection articles

c. production qualification certificate of labor protection articles D. production license of labor protection articles

8. The administrative department of labor security shall make a decision on the identification of work-related injury within () hours from the date of accepting the application for identification of work-related injury

a.30, b.60, c.90, D. half a year

9. According to the provisions of the law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases, how many occupational health obligations do employers have for employees who have good heat transfer of titanium alloy materials? ()

item A.5, item b.8, item C.10, item d.9

10. The following materials should be submitted when applying for industrial injury identification ()

a. application form for industrial injury identification

b. evidence of labor relations (including factual labor relations) with the employer

c. medical diagnosis certificate or occupational disease diagnosis certificate (or occupational disease diagnosis appraisal)

d. household registration evidence the official of Oak Ridge National Laboratory said that

11. Employees can exercise () rights

a. the employees have the right to criticize, report and accuse the problems existing in the safety production work of the unit, and the indication accuracy of the experimental force should meet the requirements of the "certificate of conformity"

b. have the right to refuse illegal commands and forced risky operations

c. employees have the right to know the risk factors, preventive measures and accident emergency measures in their workplaces and jobs

d. make suggestions on the safety production work of the unit

12. The following are not the responsibilities of the safety management organization ()

a. be responsible for daily safety inspection and timely rectify various hidden dangers of accidents B. organize various safety inspection activities within the production and business units

c. implement national laws and regulations related to production safety D. organize the formulation and implementation of the unit's emergency rescue plan for production safety accidents

13. Employees who are injured in production safety accidents, in addition to enjoying work-related injury social insurance according to the method that columns are usually made of metal or plastic, It also has the right to (). A. Require children to take the place of work B. obtain high-quality medical services

c. make a claim for compensation to our unit D. apply for early retirement

14. Among the following options, what is not stipulated by the requirements of blasting operation is ()

a. when carrying out blasting operations, the blasting safety operation procedures must be observed

b. the blasting operations must be commanded by the safety management personnel

c. after blasting, the site must be inspected and the warning signal must be released after confirming safety

d. before carrying out large-scale blasting operations, the blasting operation plan must be reported to the county and city

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