Current situation and Prospect of FEVE fluororesin

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The development status and Prospect of FEVE fluororesin coatings in China

the development status and Prospect of FEVE fluororesin coatings in China

September 5, 2005 put forward a good motion day for the development of wood plastic composites and its industry

China's fluoropaint products mainly have three series, one is PTFE based high-temperature baking tetrafluorocarbon coatings, which are mainly used for high-temperature kitchenware, and the main product is tefoln of DuPont company of the United States, There are manufacturers in Shenzhen. In addition, Daikin also has a production plant in Changzhou, with an annual output of about 1500 tons. This part of the market is relatively stable, mainly foreign manufacturers. The second is the hot-melt fluorocarbon resin coating based on PVDF, which is mainly used for fluorocarbon spraying on the surface of aluminum profiles and aluminum plates. The main products are kynar500 or hylar5000 as fluorocarbon resin. The main manufacturers are AkzoNobel and PPG companies. Shanghai and Tianjin have cooperation and production bases, and the annual consumption is about 2000 tons. Third, the normal temperature curing cross-linked fluororesin coating based on FEVE. The resin manufacturers include Dalian Zhen, Changshu Zhonghao, Changzhou Kangtai, Qingdao Hongfeng, etc., among which Dalian Zhenbang is the largest leading enterprise of FEVE fluororesin and fluororesin coating in China

ptfe and PVDF fluororesin coatings basically rely on imported resins, which need high-temperature barbecue to form a film. They are mainly factory coating, and their application fields are relatively narrow. In recent years, they are in a period of stable growth. The market and technology are basically monopolized by foreign enterprises, and the market capacity and development space are relatively stable and slow. FEVE fluororesin coating is on the contrary, mainly domestic enterprises, and foreign enterprises account for only a small market share. Because FEVE fluororesin coating can be cured at room temperature and has competitive advantages in price, its application fields cover many industries such as construction and industry. Especially in recent years, with the active promotion of domestic enterprises led by Zhenbang, FEVE fluororesin coating has been widely used in the field of construction industry, especially in some key projects, and has initially formed a FEVE fluororesin coating market with Chinese characteristics in China, It has laid a good market foundation for the rapid development of fluororesin coating industry in China

the development of FEVE fluororesin coatings in China has experienced the market expansion period from 1999 to 2004, and now it is entering the market development period. With the industrial upgrading and product upgrading of China's coating industry, and the connection with the upper jaw seat, it is expected that FEVE fluororesin coating will achieve extraordinary development in this century, and will form a high-performance coating market dominated by fluororesin coating. There are four reasons: first, the rise of a large number of domestic fluororesin coating manufacturers and special fluororesin coating research institutions has laid an enterprise foundation and technical foundation for the market competition of fluorocarbon paint. In the early 1990s, FEVE fluororesin coatings in China, like other fluorocoatings, relied on imports, which were expensive, with little market consumption, and the annual consumption was only dozens of tons. In 1997, China's first FEVE production line with independent intellectual property rights with an annual output of 1000 tons was completed in Dalian. The project was rated as a national key torch plan project. However, due to the incomplete technology and certain problems in market operation, it was in a state of shutdown soon after it was put into operation. In 1999, Dalian Zhenbang purchased the project as a whole, and invested in technological upgrading and market development. After six years of development, Zhenbang's fluorine paint products have entered the three major markets of construction engineering, industrial corrosion prevention and home decoration, and formed eight series of products. In 2004, it invested 200million yuan to build the largest FEVE fluorine resin and fluorine paint industrialization base in Asia. In addition, FEVE fluororesin production equipment such as Zhonghao in Changshu, Kangtai in Zhejiang and Hongfeng in Qingdao have also been put into operation. In less than five years, the production capacity of FEVE fluororesin in China is close to 20000 tons, which has expanded 20 times. More than 100 professional and non professional fluoropaint manufacturers, large and small, have also emerged, further establishing the industrial foundation of FEVE fluoropaint in China. Liaoning fluorine materials research institute of Dalian Zhenbang has broken through the composite technology of graphene and other functional micro nano fillers with emphasis; In recent years, scientific research achievements on FEVE research have been emerging in cooperation with coating manufacturers and anti-corrosion engineering construction enterprises, as well as research institutions such as Wuhan University. In particular, Dalian Zhenbang has successfully put into operation a 4000 ton water-based FEVE fluororesin production line with independent intellectual property rights, which has passed the joint appraisal organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of construction, and has made a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the environmental friendly FEVE industry

second, the approval of the national industry competent department and the pending approval of the national industry standard of fluororesin coatings have laid an industry foundation and a good market development environment for the development of fluorocarbon paint. In 2002, the Ministry of construction recommended that silicone acrylic paint fluororesin paint be widely used in high-rise buildings as a top-grade paint for the development of exterior walls in China. In 2004, the National Technical Committee for standardization of coatings and pigments formally submitted the cross-linked fluororesin coating as an industry standard for approval. The formulation and implementation of this standard has played a positive role in standardizing the FEVE fluororesin coating market and promoting its healthy and orderly development

third, a large number of projects and industries in China have successively applied fluorocarbon paint, including a large number of influential buildings such as the National Sports Center, which have begun to designate fluorocarbon paint, laying a good market foundation. As of 2004, the cumulative coating area of FEVE fluorocarbon paint in China is about 20million square meters, and it is expected to exceed 5million square meters in 2005. The application fields are mainly building exterior walls, supplemented by steel structure corrosion prevention. With the completion of a number of influential projects across the country, replacing aluminum curtain walls with metal fluorocarbon paint and acrylic exterior wall coatings with water-based fluorocarbon paint have become hot spots in the market, and the market share of fluorocarbon paint in exterior walls is rising rapidly. At the same time, some major bridges, pipelines and other steel structures and industrial equipment in the country have begun to use fluorocarbon paint in large quantities, so that the excellence of fluorocarbon paint has been continuously recognized in the market application, and the market will also enter a period of rapid development

fourth, the popularization of the price of carbon paint for books and newspapers, the diversification of market application and the improvement of application supporting technology have made it possible for fluorocarbon paint to replace other paint varieties and realize the upgrading of the paint industry, which has greatly expanded the development space of fluorocarbon paint market. For a long time, whether at home or abroad, fluorocarbon paint has been an aristocratic product, with extremely high prices and narrow application fields. Before 1999, the price was as high as 340000 yuan/ton. The annual sales volume of FEVE resin in Japan in China was only dozens of tons. Generally, fluorocarbon paint is understood by only a few professionals in the industry, and public consumption has little understanding of fluorocarbon paint. In 1999, after Zhenbang began to enter the fluorocarbon paint market, it adopted the strategy of price popularization and market diversification, so that China's FEVE fluorocarbon paint market has achieved rapid development, and the price of foreign products has been reduced by nearly 50%. The price of domestic fluorocarbon paint is slightly higher than that of high-grade acrylic polyfluoroester paint imported from abroad, resulting in many fields, including railways. Its high-end customized shell is made of CFRTP materials, passenger cars, ships Bridges and other projects use fluorocarbon paint to replace acrylic polyurethane paint, which currently accounts for the mainstream of high-end coatings, expanding the market space of fluorocarbon paint

as the pioneer of FEVE fluororesin and fluoropaint market in China, Zhenbang has always been in the leading position in this industry, and many domestic fluoropaint manufacturers play the role of market follower. This paper mainly introduces Zhenbang's fluororesin products for industry reference

Zhenbang FEVE fluororesin is a FEVE series fluororesin with the copolymer of trichloroethylene vinyl ether as the main body, and its brand name is zebon2000. At present, the FEVE fluororesins that Zhenbang has entered the market for large-scale application mainly include solvent based and water-based. The production capacity of solvent based FEVE fluororesins reaches 6000 tons. The main products include zb-f100 and zb-f200 two-component solvent based fluororesins and F300 one component solvent based fluororesins. Zb-f100 and zb-f200 are mainly used to prepare two-component fluorocarbon paint for construction and industry. Zb-f200 can also be mixed with fluoro resin to prepare medium wet baking fluorocarbon paint, and zb-f300 is mainly used to prepare one component solvent fluorocarbon paint. The production capacity of water-based FEVE fluororesin reaches 4000 tons. The main products are zb-f500 single component water-based fluororesin and zb-f600 two-component fluororesin. Zb-f500 has three brands: zb-f, zb-f and zb-f, which are mainly used to prepare internal and external wall single component water-based fluorocarbon paint; Zb-f600 mainly produces two-component waterborne fluorocarbon paint for exterior walls

the seriation and market application of Zhenbang solvent based fluororesin paint formula are relatively mature. It has established a perfect fluoropaint formula and construction supporting system in eight major industrial application fields, such as building exterior walls, steel structures, aircraft, ships, bridges, vehicles, chemical corrosion prevention, plastics and wood products, and has been widely used in various industries, setting up many application examples of model projects. The application of waterborne fluororesin began in 2002. After continuous improvement and technical accumulation in recent years, a series of products have been formed in the internal and external walls of buildings and have been applied in the market. However, the application technology development of waterborne fluororesin is still in its infancy, especially in the industrial application field outside the internal and external walls of buildings. The civilized formula and the serialization of supporting schemes need to be further developed. Waterborne fluorocarbon paint, especially in the construction market, has outstanding environmental protection advantages, price performance ratio advantages, and relatively simple construction. It is the main development direction of fluorocarbon paint for construction

attached table: main products of Zhenbang FEVE fluororesin

high weather resistance, heavy corrosion prevention, high gloss, good miscibility, outstanding salt spray resistance; Two component solvent based architecture and baking fluorocarbon finish

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