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The relocation of Linjiang Linhe chemical enterprises in Sichuan Province is not up to the safety distance

the relocation of Linjiang Linhe chemical enterprises in Sichuan Province is not up to the safety distance

may 05, 2016

[China paint information] on May 4, it was learned that the general office of the provincial government issued the implementation opinions on Further Strengthening the safety supervision of chemical and mining enterprises in Sichuan Province in the Yangtze River Basin, requiring to effectively strengthen the chemical industry The safety supervision of mines and other enterprises will resolutely prevent the occurrence of incidents that pollute the environment and endanger the water resources of the Yangtze River and the ecological environment of the river basin due to production safety accidents

Marcin W? Odarczyk added that 685 hazardous chemical enterprises are located near the trunk and tributaries of the Yangtze River

Sichuan is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It is the strategic hinterland and important growth pole of the Yangtze River economic support belt, and the strategic link and important support to promote the coordinated development of the Yangtze River economic belt and the North-South Silk Road Economic Belt. According to the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, all 685 hazardous chemical production enterprises in Sichuan Province are located near the trunk and tributaries of the Yangtze River, and more than half of them have prominent problems such as overcapacity, insufficient safety investment, aging equipment, backward technology and so on. In addition, the transformation of economic growth mode and the adjustment of industrial structure have led to the shutdown and semi shutdown of most chemical enterprises, which makes supervision difficult. In addition, more than 5800 kilometers of oil pipelines in Sichuan Province run through Minjiang River, Jialing River, Jinsha River and other trunk and branch canals. In case of leakage, it is very easy to pollute the water and soil in the Yangtze River Basin

therefore, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, in combination with the actual situation of our province, specially studied targeted measures and organized the drafting of the opinions, aiming to take the prevention and pre control of work safety as the core, relying on the means of improving the scientific and technological content and establishing a mechanism system, although generally speaking, take multiple measures at the same time to effectively ensure the safe production environment of the Yangtze River Basin in Sichuan Province

the safety distance does not meet the requirements of the opinions on the relocation of Linjiang and Linhe chemical enterprises, strengthen the source management, and strictly control the access of enterprises along the river; Strengthen safety management and comprehensively improve the intrinsic safety level of enterprises along the river; Establish the safety production early warning system of enterprises along the river to improve the level of emergency disposal; Strengthen the organization and leadership, and earnestly implement the supervision of work safety

the drafter said that he hoped to establish "three mechanisms" of planning, withdrawal and access to strengthen source control. Scientifically plan and strictly examine and approve, and relocate riverside chemical enterprises whose safety protection distance from rivers cannot meet the requirements; Strict industrial, safety and environmental access conditions, and strictly control the access of enterprises along the river; Comprehensively investigate small chemical plants and mining enterprises with high pollution, high safety risks and non-compliance with national industrial policies, and speed up the elimination of backward testing machine parts, rough selection methods and production capacity

it is clear that in terms of safety management, we should strengthen and improve the automation control level of "two key points and one major" (key supervision of hazardous chemical processes, key supervision of hazardous chemical varieties, and major hazard sources) hazardous chemical devices, strengthen the double preventive working mechanism of step-by-step risk level control and hidden danger troubleshooting and management of impact resistant testing machines, and strengthen the safety and environmental risk control of ports and wharves, Strengthen the safety supervision of the water transportation of dangerous goods, and strengthen the safety supervision of tailings ponds along the river and mine washing enterprises

opinions require that in terms of the early warning system, a provincial safety production accident early warning information platform should be established, and an emergency rescue system for dangerous chemical transportation accidents in the Yangtze River should be established and improved. Production and business units should establish full-time and part-time emergency rescue teams or specify full-time and part-time emergency rescue personnel according to law

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