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SABIC launched a new film for making anti-theft and wear-resistant identity cards

SABIC's business department - SABIC basic innovative plastic has launched two breakthrough Lexan polycarbonate (PC) film new technologies for identity cards on the 4th N062 booth of the French smart card and identity Technology Industry Exhibition (cards identification). Haixi, Qinghai has become an important production base for lithium extraction from salt lakes in China, It helps to integrate the security functions required to prevent identity theft and forgery more easily

sabic's Lexan sdcx coextrusion film

these two new Lexan sdcx coextrusion films and Lexan sc92e flexible hard coating films are ideal solutions for creating more layers, thinner and more complex ID cards and security documents with average process force. Following the successful launch of Lexan secureid film products by SABIC a few years ago, the launch of Lexan sdcx and sc92e high-performance film spandex industry, which is one of the industries with excess capacity, has expanded its safety product series

"the risk of identity theft and forgery puts forward higher requirements for the functionality and design innovation of electronic identity cards," said Lennard Markstein, global marketing director of plastic special films and plates business of saber basic innovation. "These two new Lexan film technologies add new wings to our identity card film product series, which not only helps customers significantly improve the production efficiency of cards, but also adds a laser engraving layer, providing a new choice for creating more durable identity cards."

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Lexan sdcx coextrusion film combines the white opaque or transparent Lexan film core layer with the transparent laser engraving covering layer, avoiding the problem of stacking individual thin film layers. Lexan sc92e hard coating film used for card surface layer is superior to standard PC film in terms of durability (including scratch resistance and chemical corrosion resistance), which helps to prolong service life and reduce resource consumption

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