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Current situation and Prospect of dairy packaging design

when it comes to dairy packaging, the first thing in people's minds is the packaging form or the words and patterns on the packaging. In fact, words and patterns are only a part of packaging design, which contains many complex factors. Packaging is a link of corporate image and marketing, the implementation of strategies, a medium of communication, and economic benefits. We should be good at using and skillfully use packaging design. As a commercial art, packaging design cannot be separated from the guidance of marketing strategy; Enterprise marketers who pursue sales or sales must also establish packaging aesthetic awareness and stimulate designers to create packaging designs with more aesthetic value to help sales. The important principle is: the most suitable packaging design is the best packaging design

problems in China's dairy packaging design

in order to help carry out the belief that dairy enterprises and designers jointly design excellent dairy packaging to the end, looking at the current dairy packaging design, there are many problems, summarized as the following ten, if there is something to change, if not, add encouragement -

problem 1, the concept of dairy products is not clear or accurate. It's too general in product positioning to make everyone buy this product, so the packaging design can't communicate with consumers and capture their hearts. No one will believe in buying a medicine that can cure all diseases. Many successful products have narrow positioning, but they can accurately hit the target

problem 2: the marketing mission and role of dairy products are not defined, and the grade and sense of value of products cannot be reflected harmoniously. Packaging is the coat of products, just like people's coat. The first impression of products is presented from the packaging design. Originally, the packaging design of products with high-quality connotation is like a stall; The packaging design of products that originally have no content value is elegant and luxurious, which makes consumers flinch or produces a sense of worthlessness. You can't buy them again or even finally give up continuous purchase - any disharmonious matching is a failure

problem 3: the arrangement of information layer of dairy products is unreasonable, the primary and secondary are not clear, and the packaging information is inaccurate. Many information that needs to be seen intuitively has to be searched by consumers; The shelf effect is not good, and the customers in front of the shelf cannot be caught instantly; The vision is weak, which is submerged in the packaging of other products, and can't even be seen on the shelf

problem 4: the product packaging of an enterprise is not like a family on the shelf. The reason is that the packaging design styles are different

question 5, imitation. From product content to packaging design, partial or even complete imitation can only be spread to the prototype

problem 6: the packaging design of products produced in a region is like a series of products produced by a brand and a family. It is impossible to break through the inherent mode of thinking to treat the use of colors, graphics and words in packaging. Traditional colors and graphics with local characteristics can be used as the keynote design elements of the brand, but dairy brands in the same region want our profit margin to be flat, and make differences in brand visual identity design to distinguish each other

problem 7, did not play the function of the package to be done. For example, the combination of packaging design and advertising; The combination of packaging design and promotion; There is also the design of the packaging itself (the category of industrial modeling design)

question 8: most domestic packages are not marked. Packaging change experiments can test the opening, drinking and storage methods of material properties such as shear modulus, maximum shear strength, shear fracture modulus and plasticity; Or the identification is not comprehensive. In the aspect of information icon, it is still not in line with international standards

question 9: it is impossible to decide between sales force and aesthetics. In fact, aesthetics does not affect sales at all; On the contrary, aesthetic product packaging will promote sales

question 10: there is no standard for judging a good package, only the intuition of relevant decision-makers of the enterprise. What customers pass is good packaging. The personnel of the enterprise marketing department need to strengthen the professional aesthetic training, otherwise they can't inspire and judge the designer's works, and create good works interactively. Otherwise, the packaging design will eventually become the product of compromise between both parties and cannot achieve the best. Understand marketing but not aesthetics; Or understand aesthetics and marketing

key points of dairy packaging design

how to overcome the above problems and do a good job in dairy packaging design? There are more ways than difficulties. Summarize the ten key points of dairy packaging design -

first, dairy packaging design targeted at the target population under accurate product positioning

market research is necessary. It includes enterprise market survey, consumer demand survey and subconscious demand mining. The product concept from the market demand determines the positioning of the product. The products of the enterprise just meet the needs of the target population and will be accepted by consumers. Similarly, the style of packaging design is what this group of people like. Their favorite fonts, graphics, colors, vocabulary, behavior, tone... Music, art, dance and other things of interest should be included - the purpose is to meet the needs. Some preferences are invisible. Before the product is produced, consumers do not say they want this product; However, when products that meet the hidden needs of consumers are launched, they are accepted and loved by consumers - creating demand. The product launch and design are advanced, and consumers have not accepted it in the short term - guiding demand. For example, 3G mobile communication is predicted to be the blueprint for the future, and has begun to cultivate the market. The elements needed in packaging design not only come from the research report, but also the strategic direction of the packaging strategy makers. What can not be ignored is the designer's experience of life

with the correct positioning, the strategy chooses a certain direction, and the performance strategy can be summarized and refined from the vast material until it is condensed into several elements, but these elements are not narrow, and they cover a broader range of information content. Because the area of packaging design is limited, it needs to be refined to show infinite connotation in limited space. So at this time, any word or pattern on the package is not meaningless

liquid milk products have a wide range of functions, which can cover a large range of consumers from 5 to 80 years old. In addition, consumers' taste preferences and living habits in different regions of China are very different, so there is a great opportunity for product concepts to be creative, which brings a broad space for design

compared with yogurt, white milk is more a daily nutritional food. No matter which group is targeted, the packaging design cannot violate the basic points of health, nutrition and hygiene; Since it is a daily nutritional food, there is no need to give her an overly magical, exaggerated and distance atmosphere. The successful liquid milk packaging design, such as "Yili pure milk", is simple, intuitive and full of intimacy. The color of blue sky and green space highlights the advantages of land source, and the white background is compared to milk. Color is very important to packaging, and the first thing people are attracted to is color. Mengniu Tetra Pak pure milk packaging design in similar products, simply speaking of the good expression of milk texture: yellow is on the opaque white packaging material, which is contrasted with white, and the milk has a good creamy and sweet feeling. This conforms to a scientific law: sometimes people's taste buds produce taste, and the nerve is transmitted to the brain for judgment; Sometimes the color conditions seen by people are reflected to the human brain. Through experience, the compressive strength of raw materials such as concrete, cement mortar and concrete can be tested and judged, and the nerve is transmitted to the taste buds. The charm of vision lies precisely in this. Packaging is the first coat of dairy products. It is not difficult to see that packaging design is very important

the color and atmosphere of yogurt packaging are very important in expressing the feeling of sour and sweet. For example, violet color is more sour; Dry khaki is not appropriate in the expression of the cool and sour feeling of yogurt; However, yellow is fully and reasonably expressed on the packaging of white milk products with cream, cheese, eggs, oatmeal, etc. Yogurt tastes more diverse than white milk, and yogurt or yogurt drinks can appeal to youth and vitality, packaging can create a more emotional atmosphere, and the design has more room to play

it is worth mentioning that the packaging design of Nestle, whether liquid milk or milk powder, is fully and reasonably expressed in terms of scientificity, rigor and pertinence, which is consistent with its brand positioning of "choosing quality and choosing Nestle". Sanyuan fresh house white milk packaging design is also a group of classic works

second, the marketing role of products in the product group camp determines the level of packaging design

the sense of value of product packaging should be equal to the substantive value; Even if it is higher than the real value of the product, it cannot exceed 10%. The packaging design of products used for brand image must reflect the core idea of the brand. The low-end products sold to the public can not be designed into expensive high-quality goods, which is prohibitive. More importantly, through contrast, it will create a psychological gap for consumers with poor content

for example, bright bagged yogurt is a low-end product mainly aimed at the public, so the packaging should have a superior grounding installation method with a very simple performance on the premise of vi. It gives people the feeling that yogurt produced by big brands is quality guaranteed, economical and affordable. But the bright Tetra Pak design highlights the sense of quality; Another product, "heart yogurt companion", is aimed at young urban women with a certain economic income. The packaging materials are of high quality and novel form, and the packaging design is concise, romantic and fashionable, full of sense of the times

third, the information of dairy packaging should have a reasonable visual process, that is, from brand name - Product Name - main graphics/text information expressing the core concept of the product - advertising language/specification capacity - various auxiliary information/bar codes, etc

information is divided into different levels according to the degree of importance, including near-term and far-term information, visible and invisible information, core meaning and auxiliary meaning information, and implicit meaning inside and outside the picture

dairy products are daily consumables in fast-moving consumer goods, so they are fast in product upgrading, which means that there are many times for products to push through the old and bring forth the new. Many products on the shelf, and more importantly, among similar products, packaging design should have distinctive visual characteristics, which can instantly stand out from a large number of products; High visual intensity and strong identifiability; However, it has a reasonable visual flow direction and strong readability, so that customers' eyes are comfortable and not astringent. Don't let readers' eyes look like walking on a rugged mountain road. Because the process that customers identify the words and graphics on the product packaging is also the analysis process of purchase. If the information is disordered so that they can't quickly identify the information, they will give up buying because they are tired of identification

fourth, let the series products of dairy brand family be displayed on the shelves like a legion

under the unified brand identification system, all series of products are personalized and extended according to their respective product concepts. Some are color changes based on the consistency of graphics; Some are pattern changes based on the unity of tone - that is, the product packaging design of a brand has the characteristics of unity in change and change in unity

the cultural background contained in the design should be unified, which determines the tone of the style. Country, race, region

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