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During the Spring Festival, when the whole family is reunited, the engineers of Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. (SF, but it is expected that the impact on macro composites will be smaller AE) in East China are still working hard at their posts all night, in order to give a satisfactory answer to the company and customers. Give full play to the spirit of SFAE professional service at all times and everywhere

as early as last July, SFAE signed a large project with Shanghai Volkswagen No.1 Factory. In order to expand the vehicle model and upgrade its own products, Volkswagen No. 1 needs to transform the existing production line. SFAE subcontracted the electronic control system of the general assembly production line in the body workshop, which is the first relatively large and systematic project of SFAE in the body workshop, mainly including the design of robot communication, conveyor line control, welding controller debugging and so on. As it is the first time to take over such a large-scale project, our engineers dare not slack off at all. Kuang Sheng, Chen Xuhong, Ni Yaodong, Yu Qingming and Li Hao have been working all night since new year's day. Taking advantage of the new year's Day holiday of Volkswagen No. 1 factory for three weeks, our engineers completed the on-site installation and commissioning within three weeks, taking into account the reasonable cycle of the utilization of new materials in the automotive industry

engineers have made great personal sacrifices for the timely operation of the system. Yu Qingming's child is only over one year old. Because he has been on the scene for several days, he has been debugging all night, so his wife can only take care of the child at home alone. Chen Xuhong from Beijing has been working on several projects without stopping. He often works in Shanghai as soon as he comes back from Fuzhou, and then he immediately works in Changchun from Shanghai. He rarely has time to reunite with his family. During the Spring Festival, as the public needs to meet the production demand of 250 sets per day, engineers are required to accompany the production from the second day of junior high school, maintain the system in time and solve daily problems. As soon as they received the notice, the engineers rushed to the factory and worked from 4:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. the next day for 24 hours. They worked six and a half days a week and only rested for half a day. They usually slept in turn. Until now, they are still fighting like this

it is our persistence and efforts that ensure the good operation of the system. The most important thing is that SFAE has won the praise of customers and the affirmation of the general contractor. The day before yesterday, we contacted engineer Kuang Sheng and asked him how he felt now. He said he was too tired and wanted to have a good sleep, but a simple answer moved me. What could make them stick to such a difficult environment? I think the only answer should be the sense in their hearts and the sense of pride as SFAE people

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