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SABIC Lexan plate sunshade helps Westminster save energy and protect the environment Shanghai, China - on September 8, 2011, the lexan*exell*d polycarbonate (PC) plate produced by SABIC innovative plastics, an important strategic business department of SABIC, is light and durable. The sunshade made by SABIC helps the new teaching building of Westminster City College in Central London significantly improve energy efficiency and comfort. This high-performance polycarbonate plate can filter direct sunlight, thereby minimizing heat accumulation and computer screen glare. In addition, this polycarbonate plate also allows sufficient natural light to penetrate, which is expected to significantly reduce the energy demand and maintenance cost of the building. SABIC continues to invest and develop environmentally friendly building materials around the world to help customers create new green products and achieve the goal of sustainable development

sabic Lexan plate sunshade

sabic Lexan plate sunshade

"the key to the success of this project is to choose a high-performance cutting-edge material with outstanding appearance, heat insulation, UV protection, flame retardancy, durability and portability," colt groupltd Simono 'hea, the director of the company, said, "based on our previous cooperation experience with SABIC and after analyzing all the candidate materials, we recommended Lexan exelld board to the architect. The customized board provided by SABIC achieves a perfect balance between light transmittance and heat insulation, which not only greatly improves the energy efficiency of the building, but also improves the aesthetics of the design."

sustainable design

Westminster City College is a well-known continuing education college, which provides students with more than 200 vocational and academic courses. The unique cantilever design of its new teaching building was completed by the designers of Schmidt hammer Lassen, aiming to minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions. The sustainability of the building is reflected in the installation of vertical sunshades produced by Colt on the windows on both East and west sides, which use translucent Lexan exelld panels in custom colors

the sunshade (also known as the "sunshade" system) is made of rectangular Lexan exelld solid plate of 3.5 m x5.76 M. These sunshades are installed on the windows on both sides of the teaching building that receive the most sunlight. SABIC provides colt with color matching services and technical support, and provides a 10-year written quality guarantee for material cracking, yellowing and loss of light transmittance

lexan exelld plates weigh only half as much as glass, thus reducing the amount of structural support materials required. Polycarbonate plate also provides extremely high impact resistance (250 times that of glass) and flame retardancy (in line with European fire protection standard EN), which can ensure its safety; In addition, it complies with the regulations on impact resistance of glass safety installation of pren356. Other important features of the plate include dimensional stability, ease of handling and installation, and resistance to yellowing, scribbling and breakage

Jack govers, general manager of saber basic innovative plastic special film and plate department, said: "Lexan special board products can reduce infrared radiation, which is of great significance for the overall sustainability of commercial and civil buildings, otherwise these buildings will need to use more air conditioners. At the same time, our Lexan board solutions can also enable architects to design styles that allow high natural light permeability, thereby creating a comfortable working and living environment. These materials can help architects and designers create both economic and social benefits It also shrinks the buildings with small protection along the material flow direction, and helps enterprises pass the environmental certification. "

lexan plate products can improve environmental protection and aesthetics

sabic's Lexan polycarbonate plate products have the characteristics of ruggedness, light weight and flame retardancy. They provide single-layer or multi-layer configurations and are widely used in the ceilings, cladding walls and glass structures of large stadiums, hotels and other large buildings all over the world. These products allow sunlight filtered into the active area of the building without leaving a certain interval between them, resulting in heat accumulation

lexan plate products can avoid the performance problems of metal, wood, stone, glass and other materials, such as fading, staining and scratching, cracking, rust and paint peeling. These products can also be designed to use double-sided UV protection and special coating, so they have the function of self-cleaning or preventing graffiti

Lexan plates can be cold formed and bent into complex shapes using common equipment. At the same time, colors, textures and special effects can be customized. In addition, plastic is lighter than glass, so these materials can be used in large components. Lexan plate has super impact resistance, which can minimize the possibility of cracking even when it is slammed by heavy objects

about Saudi Basic Industry Company

Saudi Basic Industry Company (AO Hong, deputy secretary of the Party group and deputy general manager of SA Chinalco group, attended the ceremony BIC) is one of the world's major petrochemical companies, and is a global market leader in the production of polyethylene, polypropylene, advanced thermoplastic materials, sugar alcohols, methanol and fertilizers. SABIC has its manufacturing bases in Saudi Arabia, America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions. The company has branches in more than 40 countries/regions around the world, with 33000 employees worldwide. In addition, the company has a large number of research resources, and has 18 specialized technology and innovation departments in Saudi Arabia, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, India and China. SABIC's net income in 2010 reached 21.59 billion Riyals (5.73 billion US dollars), and its annual sales revenue totaled 152 billion Riyals (40.5 billion US dollars)

about SABIC innovative plastics

SABIC, an important strategic business department of SABIC, is a leading supplier of engineering thermoplastic materials in the world. It has 80 years of experience in providing breakthrough solutions for the most urgent problems faced by customers that require enterprises and research institutes to cooperate with our team to develop new polyurethane materials. Saber basic innovative plastics currently has assets of billions of dollars, has branches in more than 35 countries/regions, and its total number of employees worldwide is about 9000. Through cooperation with customers and continuous investment in the development of new polymer technology, global application development, process technology and environmental protection solutions to meet the needs of many industries such as automobile, electronics, construction, transportation and health care, the company continues to occupy a leading position in the plastic industry. The company has a wide range of products, including thermoplastic resins, coatings, special composite materials, films and plates

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