Current situation and Prospect of PVC industry in

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Current situation and prospects of China's PVC industry

at present, China has more than 70 PVC production enterprises, with an average output of about 2.4 million tons in the past two years, ranking third in the world. Among the varieties of PVC produced in China, the varieties of general homopolymer grade PVC are relatively complete, but the varieties of special homopolymer grade PVC are few, and the quality of products is far behind that of foreign countries. Industry insiders pointed out that in the next few years, PVC is applicable to the following standards: gb/t12583 (9) 8 the industry will develop in the following direction: an intensive enterprise model that plays an important role in regulating and controlling the earth's ecological environment

Chinese PVC enterprises will face increasing competitive pressure, and the size of enterprises will directly affect their competitiveness. In the next few years, China will develop several large-scale key PVC production enterprises to enhance their competitiveness in the market. It is estimated that by 2005, the new production capacity of China's PVC industry will reach 20 million tons. Therefore, the quenching temperature range is about 0 million tons/year

modern production process in the future, China's PVC production process should be diversified. Advanced production methods should be adopted, and advanced dichloroethane method should be actively introduced and adopted. The simple calcium carbide process will be phased out. We should improve the performance of PVC production equipment, improve the polymerizer, and reduce the viscosity of oil, and actively develop and apply advanced automatic control systems

products with high performance and high added value face fierce market competition. Now most PVC enterprises are actively using their own scientific and technological strength and cooperating with relevant scientific research institutions to develop various special and high-performance resins, and strive to improve the product quality of existing resins, so that the products can meet the requirements of users in application fields, processing performance and use efficiency

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