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With the tightening of safety and environmental protection policies, where will SBS waterproof membrane go

with the tightening of safety and environmental protection policies, where will SBS waterproof membrane go

June 8, 2021


SBS Elastomer Modified asphalt waterproof coiled material (hereinafter referred to as SBS waterproof coiled material) is a waterproof material that has been widely promoted by the national construction competent department for a long time. At present, it is widely used in the international markets such as Europe, America and Japan and the Chinese market. It is a product that has been given priority in China's previous "five-year plans", and has played an important role in protecting building safety, ensuring building life, and ensuring people's comfortable housing. However, since 2018, due to the tightening of safety and environmental protection policies, the sound of restricting the use of hot-melt construction of SBS waterproof coiled materials has not been heard. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Hebei, Beijing, Shanghai and other countries have successively issued some restrictions on the use of hot-melt construction of SBS waterproof coiled materials. What's more, recently, SBS waterproof coiled material has been excluded from the coating in some engineering waterproof materials in some regions. Today, we interviewed relevant people and experts at home and abroad on the application and development of SBS waterproof membrane

1 the past and present life of SBS waterproof coiled material

1.1 birth

in 1975, the first commercial SBS waterproof coiled material product "sopralene" was successfully developed by soprima, France, and applied in Europe. Later, the technology was introduced to North America, Japan and other countries. Before the 1980s, the waterproofing of building roofs in China was mainly based on the practice of "two felts and three oils" of paper-based asphalt coiled materials. In 1987 and 1988, the multifunctional sbs/app modified asphalt waterproof membrane production line, which was the first to introduce equipment and technology from villas company in Austria, was built in Tianjin and Wuhan respectively. Subsequently, on the basis of absorbing foreign experience, Chinese waterproof scientific and technological workers carried out research on the preparation of modified asphalt and modified coiled material with domestic asphalt, SBS and app modifier, and started the process of localization of SBS waterproof coiled material. In the middle and late 1980s, the first domestic roll of SBS waterproof coiled material (polyethylene tire) was officially born on the production line introduced from Spain by Yuwang in Panjin

joined Beijing felt factory in the 1950s Tian Fenglan, an old expert who has worked in the industry for 62 years, told us:

Tian Fenglan

"asphalt has been used as waterproof, anti-corrosion and bonding materials for nearly a thousand years, and it has been made into waterproof coiled materials for more than a hundred years. In 1908, the world's first asphalt waterproof coiled materials made of asphalt and jute were born in France. The research on the modification of asphalt with modifiers such as SBS and app began in France and Germany in the 1960s."

1.2 domestic output

according to the "2020 annual development report of China's building waterproofing industry" of China building waterproofing Association, the total output of China's building waterproofing materials (above designated enterprises) in 2020 was 2.515 billion square meters, including 1.566 billion square meters of waterproof coiled materials, accounting for more than 60%; Sbs/app modified asphalt coiled material is 758million square meters, accounting for nearly half of the production of waterproof coiled material. From the perspective of the whole waterproof material product structure, sbs/app modified asphalt coiled material has the largest output, accounting for one third, which is equivalent to the total output of all waterproof coatings

1.3 product standard

in terms of product standards, the series of modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials have a complete standardization system, and the product quality has evidence to follow:

➤ GB "elastomer modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials" standard is applicable to SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials based on polyester felt, glass fiber felt and glass fiber reinforced polyester felt

➤ GB modified asphalt polyethylene tire waterproof roll is applicable to modified asphalt waterproof roll based on high-density polyethylene film

➤ GB self adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproof membrane standard is applicable to self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproof membrane based on polyester tire, polyethylene film and polyester film

➤ gb/t wet laid waterproof membrane is applicable to polymer modified asphalt wet laid waterproof membrane based on polyester tire and polymer membrane

➤ gb/t "pre laid waterproof membrane" standard covers asphalt based polyester tire pre laid waterproof membrane

➤ gb/t waterproof coiled materials with self-adhesive layer covers all kinds of modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials with cold construction of self-adhesive layer on the surface

➤ gb/t root piercing waterproof coiled materials for planting roofs covers modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials for planting roofs

➤ jc/t modified asphalt waterproof coiled material for roads and bridges is applicable to modified asphalt polyester tire waterproof coiled material for roads and bridges

1.4 scope of application

Hu Jun, vice president of the building waterproofing branch of China Construction Industry Association, introduced to us:

Hu Jun

SBS waterproof coiled material is the waterproof material with the widest range of application and the largest number of applications in national engineering waterproofing, which has been built into a leading enterprise with strong innovation ability and international influence. The scope of application has been expanded from housing construction to subway, tunnel, landfill, sewage treatment and other engineering friction (f); In the field of construction, the engineering parts are widely used from roof waterproofing and underground engineering waterproofing to ground waterproofing, asphalt road waterproofing and water storage engineering waterproofing of large kitchens

as one of the main waterproof materials in construction projects, SBS waterproof coiled material has clear requirements for structural design, waterproof construction, product quality and waterproof layer acceptance in the national standards technical code for roof engineering GB 50345 and technical code for waterproofing of underground engineering GB 50108

in roof engineering, SBS waterproof coiled material can be used in single or double courses to meet the fortification requirements of different waterproof grades. Shale SBS waterproof coiled material can be exposed for use, which is one of a small number of waterproof materials that can be exposed for use. SBS waterproof coiled material containing root blocking agent is the most widely used waterproof coiled material for planting roofs in China

in underground waterproof engineering, SBS waterproof coiled material is the most widely used waterproof coiled material among all waterproof coiled materials because of its good water resistance and mechanical puncture resistance. Especially in northern areas, 3mm+4mm double-layer SBS waterproof coiled material has become the "standard" of waterproof for underground construction projects

2 main raw materials

2.1 modified asphalt

modified asphalt is an asphalt product obtained by using various modifiers to improve the temperature sensitivity, stress-strain, adhesion, aging resistance and other properties of petroleum asphalt (base asphalt). It is the most important raw material of SBS waterproof coiled material, and its performance directly affects the quality and Application performance of coiled material

the modified asphalt mixture used in SBS waterproof coiled material needs to be batched under high temperature mixing. In order to reduce the cost in actual production, in addition to matrix asphalt and SBS modifier, enterprises will also add rubber powder and waste engine oil to adjust the performance of the modified asphalt mixture, which will not only affect the quality of the final coiled material products, but also lead to non environmental protection in the production and use process. For example, rubber powder is mostly ground from old vulcanized rubber. Adding rubber powder to SBS waterproof coiled material not only increases the processing temperature and energy consumption in the production process, but also directly affects the durability of the coiled material, and leads to the rise of the baking temperature of its hot-melt construction, causing environmental protection and safety problems. "Zero rubber powder" not only provides a solid foundation for the quality of SBS waterproof coiled materials, but also makes the production and construction of coiled materials more environmentally friendly. It is suggested to use low smoke high-quality asphalt with stable colloidal structure, do not add rubber powder and oil additives to the modified asphalt formula, strictly control the amount of filler, produce at a lower temperature, shorten the mixing time, reduce fuel power costs, reduce pollution emissions, and improve the comprehensive performance of the product at the same time

Maosanpeng, director of the basic research office of the Research Institute of PetroChina Fuel Oil Co., Ltd., said to us:


asphalt is the most important raw material for SBS waterproof coiled materials, and its product quality should be valued and improved. It is suggested that waterproof coiled material manufacturers and asphalt production suppliers jointly tackle key problems and carry out research on the correlation between the durability of waterproof coiled materials and the performance of modified asphalt, The last product is called stereolithography (stereolithography jointly develops asphalt products with stable quality, convenient operation, clean taste and environmental protection.

2.2 tire base

tire base is the main component material of SBS waterproof coiled material, which largely determines the mechanical properties and service life of the coiled material, and is an important factor affecting the quality of coiled material and waterproof Engineering. At present, the tire base used for SBS waterproof coiled material in China is mainly polyester tire. Gb/t18840-2018 tire base for asphalt waterproof coiled material It is stipulated that the polyester tire is divided into type I and type II, which correspond to the requirements of type I and type II in the coil product standard respectively. On the premise of lightweight thickness and mass per unit area, it is very important to ensure mechanical properties such as longitudinal and transverse tension, elongation at maximum tension and thermal dimensional stability in longitudinal and transverse directions

Houshangmin, general manager of Shouguang developed Fabric Co., Ltd., told us:


the polyester tire industry has developed very rapidly in the past 10 years. At present, China has a number of large and medium-sized tire base production enterprises with an annual output of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of square meters, as well as self-developed and self-produced tire base production equipment. China has become the world's largest polyester tire production base, and products have also begun to be exported in large quantities, Therefore, the domestic tire base can fully meet the production demand of domestic modified asphalt waterproof membrane. Domestic waterproof coiled material enterprises should follow the international trend and develop higher quality and thinner modified asphalt coiled material products. At present, the tire base industry has a technical reserve to adapt to these changes, which can provide reliable raw materials for the waterproof industry

professor level senior engineer of the technical supervision and research center of building materials industry and consultant of the sub Technical Committee of building waterproof materials of the national light weight and decoration building materials Standardization Technical Committee, Yang Bin pointed out:

Yang Bin

waterproof engineering is a systematic engineering, and there are many factors affecting the quality of waterproof engineering. From the perspective of product production alone, to produce waterproof materials with good quality, environmental protection and energy conservation, we should first start from the source, adopt qualified raw materials, advanced equipment and processes, equip technical personnel familiar with production and quality management, strictly control product quality, and ensure that the product performance indicators meet or exceed the requirements of national standards, so as to ensure the quality of engineering construction

3 production equipment and process

China building materials Suzhou waterproof Research Institute has been engaged in the research and development of modified asphalt production lines for 37 years. The president of chaowenge told us:


SBS waterproof coiled material is an imported product. Since China introduced European production equipment in the middle and late 1980s, it has also researched and developed domestic equipment through digestion and absorption, making SBS waterproof coiled material gradually become the leading variety of the industry from the beginning of this century

at present, in the field of modified asphalt waterproof membrane equipment in China, imported and domestic equipment of different ages and technical levels coexist. In the production process of SBS waterproof roll, a large number of raw and auxiliary materials such as asphalt and talc powder are required, which is bound to produce asphalt smoke, industrial dust and volatile organic compounds, causing environmental pollution. Therefore, improving the collection rate and removal rate of pollutants, reducing the emission of asphalt smoke, dust, and other pollutants, and ensuring that the gas emitted by the workshop can meet or even exceed the national environmental protection standards are issues that the industry must attach great importance to and urgently need to be solved

jc/t 2046 general technical conditions for complete production equipment of modified asphalt waterproof roll, which has been revised and submitted for approval, once released, will provide clear technical requirements for the improvement of SBS waterproof roll production equipment in China

in May 2020, China building waterproofing Association

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