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SABIC has set up a European waste plastic recycling commercial plant. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) recently announced that the company has automatically signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with plastic energy, a leading chemical and plastic recycling company in the UK, to supply raw materials for SABIC's petrochemical business operations in Europe

according to the agreement, SABIC will become a petrochemical company implementing the waste plastic recycling investment project. The investment project aims to convert mixed plastic waste into raw polymer through chemical recycling

sabic and plastic energy plan to set up the first commercial plant in the Netherlands to refine and upgrade a valuable raw material - plastic energy's patented product tacoil. The raw material will be used for tacoil production by recycling low-quality mixed plastic waste originally scheduled for incineration or landfill. The new plant is expected to start commercial production in 2021

sabic said that the establishment of the plant is an important milestone for SABIC, which shows that the company abides by its commitments, establishes a recyclable economy and ensures the achievement of sustainability goals

sabic can dig deep into small metals Frank kuijpers, general manager of continuous investment opportunities in deep processing sector, said: "Sustainability is the core value of SABIC, and the agreement signed this time further proves that recyclable economy is the strategic foundation of our company. SABIC is very honored to become the first petrochemical company to implement waste plastic recycling as a steam cracking raw material investment project. This exciting project is also our company's commitment to abide by. Jinneng technology new materials and hydrogen energy comprehensive utilization project signed a contract to steadily develop plastic chemical recycling Cheng, making it a powerful proof of raw polymer. "

Carlos Monreal, founder and CEO of plastic energy, said: "We are very happy to cooperate with SABIC in the plastic recycling project to support its petrochemical business operations in Europe. We have set up two industrial plants in Spain to achieve non-stop production throughout the year. In addition, we also have a technical team with more than 10 years of experience to develop patented technology. Our advanced expert advice will promote new opportunities for plastic recycling and promote the development of a recycling economy."

previously, plastic energy has successfully applied for a thermochemical conversion technology patent to convert the expired, unclean and contaminated plastics, as well as the plastics that are difficult to recycle in general ways, into usable raw materials on a large scale. Through this technology, the plastic will dissolve in an oxygen free environment, and we will improve the design of the suspender into inorganic oil before going to the Beihai experimental site again. This oil will later be refined and upgraded as a raw material for traditional petrochemical purposes

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