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Everyone knows that Chinese art and culture are broad and profound, among which Lingnan paper cutting art and folk lacquer carving technology, as a representative, can be called a unique traditional technology. If you match it with glass and solid wood classical furniture, you can easily create a set of antique Chinese style home. The design of Wuhan Julong Shengda decoration is to use Lingnan paper cutting art, folk lacquer carving technology, colored glaze and antique furniture to locate the Chinese style. Now follow the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network to see this new Chinese decoration case located in Fudi East Lake International. No more nonsense, there is a picture and a truth right away

the two doors of the TV wall complete the abstract painting of peony patterns with lacquer carving technology. The expression forms of opening, closing and closing are different, and the wooden grids on both sides extend the visual space

the gray mirror on the sofa background wall is in contrast to the red carving ornaments made by the art of paper cutting, which emphasizes the visual highlights. The luminous glaze of the restaurant reflects its unique material against the gray mirror

Wuhan Julong Shengda decoration designer makes full use of Chinese folk art design to create a fragrant Chinese style home. The carved patterns and the traditional elements of rich flowers all show the aesthetic pursuit of the owners

the study is refined on the basis of traditional furniture to make it have a fashionable atmosphere. Although the shape seems simple, great form Is beyond shape is invisible. The simpler it is, the more meaningful it is

the combination of white bedding, purple cloth curtain, red bead curtain, and decorative wallpaper on the wall makes the master bedroom a little "fragrant"

it is reported that the industry signed a half contract with Wuhan Julong Shengda decoration, and the owner is very satisfied with the new Chinese style home decoration designed by the designer. He also said that this exploration of decoration style is like a diversified way of thinking, adding more quiet and comfortable feelings to the originally simple house. Looking at these comfortable and natural modern new Chinese style decoration renderings above, are you moved? Do you also want to choose a cost-effective Wuhan decoration company through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network like this owner? The simplest way is to go to Wuhan home decoration network [decoration bidding]

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