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Cairdc2019 China artificial intelligence and robot developers conference was successfully held. On the morning of March 1, cairdc2019 China artificial intelligence and robot developers conference was grandly held in Zhuoyue Hotel, Amman, Shanghai. The power supply: AC 220V 50Hz conference focused on the theme of knowing the times and the smart future. Based on the resources of rimuco, the annual developer event in the field of large robots was created to promote the deep integration of production, learning, research and application, Promote the exchange and dissemination of technology. The conference was guided and supported by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and technology, the people's Government of Putuo District, Shanghai Electric Appliance Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., the national robot testing and Evaluation Center (Headquarters) and the Secretariat of the national robot standardization group. It was co sponsored by rimuco and the Shanghai robot functional platform, and jointly organized by the Shanghai robot industry technology research institute and Shanghai Zhenwei Technology Co., Ltd. Lu Min, chief engineer of Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and technology, Wei Jing, deputy head of Putuo District, Shanghai, wuyehua, President of Shanghai Electrical Science Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., and wuminghong, vice president of Shanghai University attended the meeting. Experts, professors and nearly 200 enterprise representatives who have made important contributions in the field of artificial intelligence and robot research were invited to the meeting

Lu Min, chief engineer of Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and technology, attended the conference and delivered a speech. He said that in recent years, around the artificial intelligence and robot industry, Shanghai has built a functional platform for robot R & D and transformation. With the joint efforts of Putuo District, Shanghai University and other parties, remarkable achievements have been made in the construction of robot R & D and transformation functional platform. The technology of speech recognition and visual recognition is leading. Industrial robots and service robots have been put into practical application. Artificial intelligence innovation and entrepreneurship are increasingly active without causing 'white pollution'. A number of leading backbone enterprises have accelerated their growth and won widespread international attention and recognition. Put forward three suggestions: first, aim at the forefront of world science and technology, break through key core technologies, and build Shanghai highland; Second, focus on the Yangtze River Delta integration strategy, give play to regional talent and industrial advantages, and promote collaborative innovation; Third, serve the main battlefield of the national economy, accelerate the in-depth integration of science, technology and industry, and promote transformation and development

Wei Jing, deputy head of Putuo District People's government, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. She said that Putuo District has continuously promoted the optimization of industrial structure and the improvement of development quality in recent years. It has gathered a number of well-known scientific research institutions and excellent scientific and technological enterprises, and has a solid industrial foundation and innovation ability. In terms of supporting intelligent manufacturing and robot industry, our district has issued special policies for intelligent manufacturing and robot industry, and successively held the first Putuo District robot innovation and entrepreneurship competition with Alibaba, Qingke information, etc, Cooperate with Dongfang finance and economics channel to determine the crack growth resistance of polyolefin pipes for fluid transportation. The experimental method for slow crack growth of notched pipes (notch experiment) gb/t18476 ⑵ 001 will be held as a special AI program for creating a win future, so as to excavate and cultivate gazelle enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing and robot industry. In terms of supporting the development of private economy, our district adheres to the innovation drive, gives full play to the advantages of innovation factor agglomeration, creates a good innovation ecology, optimizes industrial development policies, speeds up the cultivation of emerging industries, and successively cultivates famous enterprises such as Fosun, Aosheng group, hungry, bock City, etc. By gathering human resources, knowledge resources, expert resources and scientific research institution resources, this conference will gather forces to promote the development of artificial intelligence and robot industry. The conference will vigorously promote the marketization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in relevant fields

during the conference, the Yangtze River Delta robot R & D and transformation industry platform innovation alliance was signed and officially launched

artificial intelligence and robot technology are changing the production and life of human society and the whole world. In the face of the new situation and new demands, it is hoped that through this conference, artificial intelligence technology and robotics will be organically combined with the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry, so as to develop the intelligent industry, gather strength for promoting the development of artificial intelligence and robotics industry, and inject new intelligent power into the new normal of economic development

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