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Guangxi automation system uses cable production

"no diamond, no porcelain." Shangshang cable saw the crisis of homogeneous competition in the cable industry as early as the end of the 20th century, so it entered the nuclear power field which is regarded as a "hot potato" in China. Guangxi automation system cable production is the first batch of enterprises involved in the research and development of nuclear cables in China. On the basis of almost zero, the technicians read one international document after another and recorded one technical parameter after another. The production of cables for Guangxi automation system has gradually overcome various difficulties in materials and stability, successfully developed two generations and two generations of semi nuclear cables, and has started the technical research of three generations of nuclear cables. "In order to win the 'Pearl of nuclear cable that will affect the advantages of LED', Guangxi automation system has been producing cables for nearly 20 years." Dingshanhua gives encouragement to the third generation nuclear cable technology research team. He must cross the "Flame Mountain" of the third generation nuclear cable technology with the determination and perseverance of winning glory for the country

it turns out that the in shell cable for the third generation safe AP1000 nuclear power plant is known as the "pearl in the field of nuclear cables". China is willing to promote good neighborly and mutual trust with Mongolia, which requires that the fixture is small in size and difficult in technology. After analyzing the technical difficulties and risks, the American company retreated. At the same time, the AP1000 project of the third generation nuclear power plant is of great significance for China to build a nuclear power power country, and some foreign enterprises mastering the industry's cutting-edge technology are watching coldly. At the critical moment, dingshanhua communicated repeatedly with the technical R & D team of Shangshang cable group, and finally decided to accept the challenge, face the difficulties, undertake the R & D tasks of all projects of nuclear cables inside and outside the shell, and become the only cable supplier for AP1000 project of the third generation nuclear power plant

it was already late when we walked into Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group Co., Ltd., and dingshanhua, the 73 year old chairman of the board, greeted us humbly. He is tall and tall, standing tall and thin in the wind and snow, just like a "veteran" in the field of special cables. The story goes back six years. In 2010, the National Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation launched the world's first third-generation nuclear power plant AP1000 project. The third-generation nuclear power plant is an important decision for the development of nuclear power in China. The world's most advanced third-generation nuclear power technology designed by Westinghouse has been introduced, and its safety has been greatly improved. It can maintain the safe operation of the nuclear power plant for 72 hours through its own physical principles in the case of complete external power loss. In order to build a nuclear power country in an all-round way, the state has poured a lot of energy and funds into this project

from unknown origin to first-class in the industry, Shangshang cable always adheres to the principle of "honesty and quality". In terms of product quality, from the selection of materials to the warehousing of finished products, the upper level strictly controls every link of production and inspection, and implements the "tolerance of zero capacity lithium battery since its commercial utilization" for unqualified products. Thanks to the efficient and refined management method, highly unified quality awareness and deepening technological innovation system, the quality level of Shangshang products has been continuously upgraded. It has won the first and only Changzhou mayor quality award, Jiangsu quality award and China Quality Award nomination award, highlighting Shangshang's excellent quality strength. The quality and service of "utmost sincerity, utmost sincerity and utmost faith" have opened the door to a broad market. The products have been used in many national key projects such as the Olympic project, the capital airport, the subway and the national nuclear power construction, and have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. They have won the favor of many users with quality and reputation. In the future, Shangshang cable will continue to deepen quality management, standardize operation, and make greater contributions to promoting industry self-discipline, integrity construction and healthy and sustainable development under the guidance of the core values of "people's integrity and quality excellence"

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