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BYD forklift helps "Guojiu" improve logistics efficiency

BYD forklift helps "Guojiu" improve logistics efficiency

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on June 15, 2017, in Guizhou Maotai Liquor Co., Ltd., a number of neatly arranged blue logistics handling forklifts led to the remarkable success of reciprocating screw plastic extruders in the domestic market in recent years, This is the storage series Station Driven stacker delivered by BYD forklift truck to Moutai, Guizhou. This batch of vehicles will serve the Moutai packaging material workshop, help Moutai improve logistics efficiency and create green logistics

BYD forklift helps "national liquor" improve logistics efficiency

as a "leader" in the Baijiu industry, Guizhou Moutai is naturally the top priority in the logistics handling link in the production process. Previously, a domestic lead-acid battery stacker has been used. "The lead-acid battery forklift takes a long time to charge, it is troublesome to repair and maintain, it is often worried about safety during charging, and the battery life is short and not durable. It is a big expense to replace the battery every year." Maotai driver said so. Acid mist and hydrogen are emitted during the use and charging of lead-acid batteries. Their short service life has been criticized by customers for the inconvenience of charging and the need for frequent maintenance. BYD's forklift truck is equipped with self-developed iron batteries, which completely overturns a series of problems such as serious pollution, slow charging and complex maintenance of traditional lead-acid batteries, Help customers improve logistics efficiency while creating a green and environmentally friendly operation environment with very limited data

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since BYD forklift entered the industrial vehicle industry, it has been committed to providing enterprises with more environmentally friendly, stable and efficient green logistics solutions, which does not coincide with the logistics concept of Maotai company, known as "national liquor", which is committed to upgrading and building green handling. This batch of station driven stacker trucks also provided customized services according to the personalized needs of Moutai, and made academic and technical exchange and fine optimization and improvement in terms of vehicle charging, broadening of vision and safety of operation. This is also the embodiment of the "customer-oriented" principle that our company has always adhered to

as a rising star in the forklift industry, BYD forklift truck adopts the world's leading iron battery technology independently developed, which can not only quickly charge and use when charging, greatly improving work efficiency, but also truly realize zero emission and zero pollution in the handling process, which makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional lead-acid battery forklift truck in this regard, and therefore stands out in the more demanding fields such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical treatment, etc, It is favored by more and more customers

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