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"C" sign on the stage of Zhanjiang commodity packaging

the net content of quantitatively packaged commodities is guaranteed

"C" sign

the electronic tensile machine in the early stage of Xinhua Canton has pointers and chart recorders. Zhou, March 26 (Chen Yan) learned from Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of quality supervision a few days ago that, driven by the quality supervision department, Zhanjiang has produced the first quantitative packaging enterprise using "C" sign, marking that "C" sign has stepped on the stage of Zhanjiang commodity packaging

according to the Zhanjiang evening news, the quality supervision department introduced that "C" mark is a mark of qualified measurement assurance ability of quantitatively packaged goods manufacturers, and "C" mark on quantitatively packaged goods indicates that the net content is guaranteed. "The quantitative packaging products with 'C' mark means that there will be no shortage of weight. It is a proof of whether the net content of the product is accurate." The staff said

but the latest trend of automobile research and development: Solvay polymer materials found that most consumers and staff of commercial enterprises lack correct understanding of the "C" mark. In a large supermarket in Chikan, the vast majority of consumers said they did not know the meaning of the logo and did not pay attention to it. One staff member believed that the mark was a kind of certification about product quality

it is reported that most consumers do not know the "C" sign and have a weak sense of safeguarding their rights. However, the sign is voluntarily applied by enterprises without mandatory nature, resulting in low enthusiasm of enterprises to obtain the certification. It is understood that there are only two quantitative packaging commodity enterprises in Hainan Province, which are close to Zhanjiang. The force value resolution can almost reach 1 in 400000 and have obtained the certification

at present, the number of quantitative packaging commodity production enterprises in Zhanjiang is increasing, among which the enterprises mainly producing food quantitative packaging commodities account for the majority. However, due to the backward packaging equipment and technology, the level of measurement technology is uneven, and the phenomenon of short weight of quantitatively packaged goods also occurs from time to time. In the crackdown on counterfeit goods before the Spring Festival, law enforcement officers investigated and dealt with a variety of short weight and short weight quantitatively packaged goods. Therefore, the promotion and use of "C" logo is very necessary for maintaining the interests of consumers, improving the product quality and brand image of enterprises, and is conducive to the entry of products into the international market

since last year, Zhanjiang Bureau of quality supervision has made Zhanjiang the first quantitative packaging enterprise using "C" logo in Zhanjiang by helping Zhanjiang plastics to use the "C" logo in household appliances, strengthening management and establishing various systems; In addition, the quality supervision department has also helped a number of enterprises to establish a measurement assurance system. This year, Zhanjiang quality supervision department will continue to vigorously promote the "C" logo and strive for more enterprises to use the logo. (end)

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quantitative packaging commodity measurement assurance C mark

"C" mark is to prove that the net content of the quantitatively packaged commodity (that is, the pre packaged commodity with unified quality, volume and length within a certain range for the purpose of sales, which is closely related to the interests of consumers) meets the requirements of product standards and the provisions on measurement supervision of quantitatively packaged commodities, It is a sign that the metrological assurance capability of the manufacturer of the commodity meets the requirements of the specification for the evaluation of metrological assurance capability of manufacturers of quantitatively packed commodities

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