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The thief who stole the cable left behind DNA evidence and "refused to admit guilt" could not defeat the complete chain of evidence (report from our correspondent (zhaochenmin) the cable had disappeared, there were no witnesses, and the suspect refused to admit guilt. In the absence of direct evidence, the procurator contacted the extrusion production line, and the controller carefully reviewed the working conditions of the hydraulic system - the use of pressure range (lubricity, extreme pressure wear resistance) and made full use of indirect evidence, Finally, the criminals will be brought to justice. Recently, in a theft case prosecuted by the Huqiu District procuratorate according to law, the defendant Li Aimin was sentenced by the court to one year in prison and fined 1000 yuan. At the same time, he was ordered to return the stolen goods that had not been recovered or convert them into RMB and return them to the victim unit

at about 8 p.m. on February 9 this year, the tram site inspector of the high tech Zone reported that the cable in the inspection well of a road section in Dongzhu town was stolen. The inspector said that the cable was still in good condition during his inspection that morning. The police extracted DNA from the cable fracture. After comparison, they locked down Li Aimin, who had been administratively punished for stealing cables and gambling. Soon, Li Aimin was captured in his temporary residence. After arriving at the case, Li Aimin refused to plead guilty

the investigators found that the current factory tax included well 2080 is located in the tram construction site section under construction. There are no villages nearby and there are few people. The stolen cable is in the inspection well, covered by the well cover at ordinary times, and a specially assigned person is responsible for daily inspection. The investigators judged that in such a relatively closed scene, the possibility of Li Aimin leaving DNA by mistake was ruled out

during the trial of the case, Li Aimin always denied that he had touched the stolen cable. He said that he had never been to the place where the case occurred. The investigators confirmed through video relay and other technical means that Li Aimin was at the scene of the crime on February 9

in the face of the crime tools such as pliers and art knives found by the police on his electric car, Li Aimin argued that he made a living by loading and unloading goods and making billboards. The tools were purchased by a boss and were all needed for work. But as for the identity of a certain boss, he was still unclear

with the deepening of the investigation, the investigators found that Li Aimin had no stable income and was fond of gambling. A few months before the incident, he borrowed 2000 yuan from his neighbor to gamble, but he never paid it back. The day after the crime, he paid back the money. As for the source of the money, Li Aimin argued that he got it from unloading the truck driver at the roadside, but he could not justify the process

according to the investigators, in this case, the indirect evidence sources are legal, objective and true, the evidence is closely related and mutually confirmed, forming a complete chain of evidence, which is enough to prove that Li Aimin committed the act of stealing cables

10 years ago (the characters in the article are pseudonyms. This article thanks tanshanshan, fanhaibo and wanwei of Huqiu District procuratorate for their support)

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