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The market competition in the cable industry is fierce, and the potential of special cables is huge.

at the 10th International Power and technology exhibition held at the same time of the third Beijing international electronic industry technology and equipment exhibition, people raised a deep impression that the urgent need for domestic and even foreign power resources

in the hot summer, people are impressed by the urgent need for power resources at home and abroad. This problem was also raised at the 10th International Power and technology exhibition held at the same time as the 3rd Beijing international electronic industry technology and equipment exhibition. Therefore, it was also mentioned at the meeting that this technology can also help reduce the consumption of additives. In recent years, a large number of power facilities will gradually rise, It is also a necessity to drive the leap of the domestic wire and cable market

of course, the application of power facilities is only one aspect of the application of wires and cables. With the state's emphasis on infrastructure construction, such as the transformation, expansion and interconnection of urban electricity, the development of information superhighway, the take-off of communication, the requirements of upgrading and energy saving of electrical equipment, and even the development of central and Western China and the development of small and medium-sized cities, the use of wires and cables will be driven

according to statistics, in 2008, the GDP of China's marine cables reached 40million US dollars, of which 30million US dollars were exported and the rest were sold in the domestic market. The research shows that China's marine cable export market will increase at an annual growth rate of 5% in the next decade. It is predicted that China's wire and cable industry will grow at a rate of 10% ~ 15% in the first 10 years of the 21st century. Therefore, wire and cable will usher in a vigorous period of demand in the future

there is no doubt that the increasingly fierce competition in the wire and cable market is not surprising, but it is only limited to the traditional wire and cable market. After several years of rapid development, China's wire and cable industry has formed a considerable scale, but because the production capacity is greater than the demand, there is a situation of oversupply. Moreover, the technical content is not very high, and it is still difficult to meet some special needs. Based on this situation, the inaccurate positioning of the special cable market stands out, attracting more and more people's attention

random variable 1 extensive plastic granulator is a combination and intelligent plastic granulator, which shows people's attention to safety and environmental protection and the influence of other factors. Cables for other special applications, such as marine cables, safety fire cables, locomotive and vehicle cables and cables for nuclear power plants, are becoming more and more popular. These special cables with thermoplastic insulation or cross-linked polyethylene insulation have the characteristics of light weight, small volume, low smoke, halogen-free and fire prevention, so they are easy to install, environmentally friendly and safe. In case of fire, the smoke emission and toxic gas emission are very low and non corrosive, which can win valuable time for personnel to escape

another example is the cable of nuclear power station, which is mainly distributed in the nuclear island, conventional island and BOP of the nuclear power station, and is used for power transmission, control, computers, instruments, etc. the type of cable required for a nuclear power station is basically the same as that for a thermal power station. However, due to the strict technical performance requirements for halogen-free, low smoke and low toxicity of nuclear power station cables, China can only produce wires and cables for the periphery of the nuclear island, and most of the rest can only rely on imports. It is estimated that China's nuclear power installed capacity will reach 20000mw by 2010, accounting for 17% of China's total power generation. The great development potential of nuclear power plants provides a good market space for cables used in nuclear power plants

moreover, China has a large number of infrastructure and engineering construction projects, and its fire-proof cable market has huge potential development space. On the other hand, although the development of China's locomotive and vehicle wire and cable market is relatively slow, with the vigorous rise of China's urban subway construction, it is expected that the market will have great development potential in the next three to five years

at present, the competition in China's traditional cable market is in full swing, and is facing the problem of supply exceeding demand. However, in the special cable market, it is almost facing a vacancy. In the face of this rapidly developing market, how to get the first chance may be an urgent problem for domestic manufacturers to consider, because exploring the Chinese market has become an important part of the market strategy of domestic and foreign cable manufacturers. For example, as a leading company in the global cable industry, nexen recently established a wholly-owned enterprise in Shanghai (for details, see: nexen's wholly-owned enterprise laid the foundation for the production of special cables in Shanghai), which undoubtedly adds important chips to its market competition and also rings an alarm bell for domestic wire and cable manufacturers

not only in the field of wires and cables, but also in many fields, China has great market potential. However, in many cases, domestic manufacturers are always limited to traditional product competition and lack of development in new fields. They only know what they are missing until external competition appears. Researchers have found that thermal cycle usually reduces the zigzag and transverse tensile strength of composites. In the face of the huge domestic market potential, what may need to be changed is the shortsightedness of many manufacturers. They should have the courage to give up struggling in a narrow space, and actively improve their professional technology and open up new development space. That is a wise move. This is not only good for the development of the industry itself, but also good for the development of the entire domestic wire and cable industry. In the face of the current situation, we can only expect domestic manufacturers to be motivated, brave in innovation, strive to develop new technologies and environment, and contribute to the development and progress of the entire wire and cable industry

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