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Start with Haier commander 10 kg washing machine @g1012b36w is it easy to use? Start with the advantages and disadvantages evaluation

this Haier commander-in-chief 10kg washing machine @g1012b36w is a new one. It has the function of sterilization and mite removal. I like the evaluation and recommendation. I planted grass on the back of this washing machine and have used it for a period of time. I share my experience of using it as follows: the washing machine has just started to use, and it is very easy to use, especially for fast washing. After 15 minutes, the clothes will be completely new, easy to disassemble and save water, convenient and fast. The sound of washing is also low. It is reported that the price is not expensive

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I. command the washing machine @g1012b36w JD event price:

[the carnival continues, fight for another 24 hours, order a free order Award] [the starting price is not higher than 1699] innovative beauty washing restores the color of clothes, and beauty starts with washing, Sterilization and mite removal price: ¥ 1899.00 [¥ 1999.00] activity link: today I want to talk to you about 1 talking about the purchase of ring stiffness testing machine ~

2. Commander in chief washing machine @g1012b36w is not a cautious Chinese configuration parameter:

3. Commander in chief washing machine @g1012b36w other user comments:

1. Washing machine is very easy to use, beautiful and does not occupy a place, and there are gifts, The price is also appropriate, with complete functions and high cost performance

2. The washing machine has been installed and used today, with simple operation and powerful functions. I am satisfied

3. After receiving the things, I washed the sheets and quilt covers on my return. It was very clean. I was satisfied with a shopping trip. My baby was also very beautiful. White was my favorite

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