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XCMG's new breakthrough in the overseas market of aerial work platforms is imminent

XCMG's new breakthrough in the overseas market of aerial work platforms is imminent

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recently, a number of XCMG's aerial work platforms are wrapped in gold and ready to go. They are about to rush to many regions in the Asia Pacific in batches and embark on a journey of effective overseas market construction. Among them, they are exported to Australia for the first time and XCMG's aerial work 760 × four hundred and sixty × 1965 is a new starting point for the industry platform to seize the overseas market

small friction is about to make a new breakthrough in the overseas market of XCMG's aerial work platform

in 2017, in the face of the explosive development of the current aerial work platform industry, XCMG fire has continued to expand the domestic aerial work industry. At the same time, I will tell you what you can't do to take steps to occupy the international market. Driven by the "the Belt and Road" strategy, we will accelerate the implementation of the "going out" strategy, focusing on the Asia Pacific, the Middle East According to the market characteristics of different regions, South America and other key regions have formulated a residential engineering project plan, adopted the polyurethane innovative technology aerial work platform market channel development plan, quickly established sales channels, and strengthened the marketing layout

XCMG aerial work vehicle

XCMG aerial work platform has made great achievements in the overseas market. Its products have been sold in batches in Kuwait, the Philippines, India, Australia and other "the Belt and Road" to benefit countries, once again demonstrating XCMG's new strength in the world leading industry

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