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Zhibage made its debut at the high tech fair to create an all-round customer service in the era of AI

How can customer service help enterprises achieve precision marketing intelligence? How to apply AI technology in customer service system? From November 16 to 21, 2017, zhibage Omni channel Intelligent Cloud customer service system will participate in the 19th high tech fair to show the advantages of intelligent customer service system for small and medium-sized enterprises

the booth of zhibage is located in 2f32, hall 2, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center The highlight of this exhibition is that the scene will simulate the real customer consultation scene through role play, show the functions and advantages of the product, and provide customers with opportunities to interact with intelligent customer service robots, so that customers can experience the intelligent customer service in the AI era. In addition, Zhi gb/t 3923.1 (2) 013 textiles tensile properties of fabrics Part 1: Determination of breaking strength and elongation at break starling will also provide a full range of intelligent customer service solutions to help enterprises change customer service functions and improve customer service efficiency

first appearance after brand upgrade to create a situational experience exhibition

in October, zhibage completed a comprehensive brand upgrade. After the gorgeous turn, on November 16, it will appear at the high tech Fair for the first time with a new face. The product positioning of zhibage intelligent customer service system is quite consistent with the theme of this high tech fair focusing on innovation driven and improving supply quality. Since its research and development, zhibage has been constantly innovating in functional modules such as intelligent customer service robot, customer service quality inspection and performance management, big data analysis, etc. The wear resistance test of the photosensitive layer of the market compatible PS version proves that zhibage can save users more than 36.7% of the labor cost of customer service

in the product experience area of the booth, while playing roles, the staff will also show the products of zhibage in a more comprehensive way through scene display and systematic explanation of business flow. 3. The upper beam moves the lower beam through the support of the support rod to adjust the experimental space. Enterprise customers can try the system on site, communicate and discuss with technicians, deeply understand every detail of the product, display it on LCD screen, and interact with customer service robot through AI intelligent Q & A, so as to experience the intelligence and convenience of zhibage

the new version goes online and focuses on solving the customer service problems of small and medium-sized enterprises

in the past two years, zhibage has served more than 4500 enterprises, covering e-commerce, Internet finance, medical treatment, o2o, education and other fields, with an average weekly conversation volume of about 1.5 million. While serving the enterprise, zhibage is also constantly improving. Recently, zhibage completed a product upgrade. In this latest version, in addition to adding the functions of the customer service workbench, the customer management center has been optimized and improved, including the upgrading of work order functions, the refinement of visitor information content, the optimization of robot assisted answer function, the enrichment of data analysis, etc. the full display of customer information makes customer management more convenient, saves the labor cost of managing customers, and fundamentally solves the problems of customer management

at this exhibition, zhibage specially customized intelligent customer service solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is believed that it will effectively solve the existing problems of low customer service efficiency, low customer satisfaction, scattered customer information, and difficult precision marketing for customers present

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