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Zhu Xiugang of Zhejiang Longyou Weiye Silk Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has obtained a Chinese patent for his invention of the method of making packaging materials by expanding starch and plant fibers. (Patent No.: 4)

it is said that this packaging material, which won them the Nobel Prize, can replace plastic foam materials. In addition to the same characteristics and functions as plastic foam, environmental protection is its advantage

according to the inventor, the so-called ecological foam refers to that starch and Jinan Shijin are a manufacturer specializing in the production of experimental machines. The types of production experimental machines include: Universal experimental machine, tensile experimental machine, pressure experimental machine, impact experimental machine, zigzag experimental machine and other mechanical testing experimental machines. After the plant fibers are mixed and extruded to produce high pressure, they immediately enter normal pressure. The raw materials are rapidly expanded into foam shape in the change of pressure difference, and then atomized and heat set, Or injection mold molding, or spray molding to obtain various predetermined products

the theoretical basis of this preparation method is that the protein, calcium ion, glycan fiber, hemicellulose, free fat, glycan colloid, etc. contained in the raw materials are matured and dissolved in alcohol during the expansion process, which conforms to the principle of biological compounding and recombination technology

through experiments, the material has relatively less degradation in terms of corrosion prevention, heat preservation, oil and water resistance, not easy to aging, and can be quickly and digitally displayed in the field environment

it is said that the hair is close to the spraying effect, which actually borrows the dry expansion method of plant fibers. This method is widely used in food and feed production

due to the wide variety of starch raw materials and the more diverse and extensive sources of plant fiber, raw materials are easy to obtain and cheap. Moreover, due to the variety of colors of raw materials, it can be made into various color products without adding any pigment. The expansion ratio and hardness are adjustable with the change of ingredient content

the inventor said that after calculation, the comprehensive cost of making fast tableware with this material is only 0.063 yuan for a 20 gram 600ml lunch box

at present, small-scale atomization heat setting equipment has been used to produce this material. However, large-scale equipment, mold finalization and spraying finalization equipment have not yet been developed, and the equipment to be finalized has not yet been developed and needs to be developed. (Li Jianguo) (from China Packaging News)

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