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Starfish and Xinyi Glass launch a green energy-saving yacht

maybe the scene of 2012 may not appear in the next year, maybe throwing a plastic bottle casually can't lead to the death of some animals, maybe a yacht that consumes hundreds of liters of oil per hour won't affect the global weather, but if we don't do anything, will we let our living environment inherit and deteriorate? It is gratifying that the top domestic brand starfish yacht has been keenly aware of the importance of environmental protection and energy conservation, and has jointly developed the green energy-saving yacht heysea808 with Xinyi Group (glass) Co., Ltd. (00868, HK). This yacht uses transparent conductive glass for solar thin-film cells on the top of the flying bridge shear experiment to store clean energy into marine batteries to reduce the use of conventional energy; The porthole adopts energy-saving and environment-friendly glass, which reduces the ultraviolet penetration, heat absorption and loss of most parts, and reduces the load of marine cooling and heating equipment

Mr. Leng Xuehua, chairman of starfish yacht, said in an exclusive interview that the use of clean energy and green energy-saving materials is an important development direction of starfish yacht. The use of solar energy can significantly reduce the carbon emissions of yachts. The use of energy-saving glass in the porthole is to reconcile the contradiction between the large-area porthole of the yacht and the electrical load of cooling and heating equipment. " The application of energy-saving glass can not only ensure that large-area portholes provide customers with open visual enjoyment, but also greatly reduce the damage of ultraviolet radiation and the load of cooling and heating equipment. The development of green and energy-saving yachts is not only the company's society, but also the company's need to base itself on the domestic market and go global. As an ideal Chinese enterprise, starfish has begun to actively explore overseas markets. During this period, it will face non-tariff barriers, mainly technical barriers and green barriers. At present, starfish has passed the ISO9000 system certification, overcoming the restrictions of technical barriers; In the final analysis, the green barrier is also the barrier of material technology that can be used for 10 years, and technology has always been the lifeline for starfish to face up to and survive. We will also explore the use of more energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and materials, and launch a series of green and energy-saving yachts in succession, so as to become a top yacht brand that the Chinese are proud of and recognized by the world

it is reported that the partner Xinyi Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the major manufacturers in the global glass industry chain. It has set up the world's first research and development center specializing in glass energy-saving and environmental protection technology in Hong Kong. It has mature clean energy and energy-saving and environmental protection glass production technology, which is widely used in the automotive and construction industries. At present, the technical staff of both sides are working hard to test, and it is expected to put the yacht on the market this year

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