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Starting from e-commerce CRM, this company leverages the enterprise service market with cloud communication

through scientific and technological innovation, it has always been the belief of enterprise friends to make enterprise management simpler. It is also the core driving force of this Internet company that focuses on enterprise service and provides professional services to more than 200000 enterprises. Founded for six years, Qipeng has developed from the founder's dream of changing China's business ecosystem to a group company covering the three major fields of e-commerce CRM, IOT communication and cloud communication. Qipeng has many admirable growth experiences

the founder has experienced in the two Whampoa Military Academies of China Internet. After graduation, liudalin, the founder of Qipeng, was responsible for community product development in Tencent innovation center. In Tencent's down-to-earth attention to detail atmosphere, Liu Dalin, who pursues technical purity, became more grounded after facing a large number of real users. Tencent, which has a full-service layout, has a very good internal sharing mechanism. It is like an Internet encyclopedia, presenting various businesses such as communication, community, games, mobile, tools, e-commerce, media, search and so on

entrepreneurship is one of the ways to quickly realize self-worth. Liu Dalin started his first business after Tencent resigned. After a short entrepreneurial experience, he came to Alibaba to be responsible for the product research and development of Taobao membership line and security. This infrastructure product that supports business tests people's patience and cannot tolerate any desire for quick success and instant benefit

at the two Whampoa Military Academies of China Internet, Liu Dalin cultivated a general view of the overall situation as long as there is a periodic curve cluster stacked in Tencent because of its numerous product lines, and gained the ability to control the details because of making platform supporting products on Taobao. More importantly, in the young and passionate years, we have harvested like-minded partners and started the entrepreneurial journey of overturning the tradition

in 2011, the first product, Viking CRM, was launched and ushered in a small high point on the 12th anniversary of the Lunar New Year

in 2011, Liu Dalin once again came up with the idea of entrepreneurship. After many investigations, he found a huge market space for enterprise level services; Combined with Taobao's work experience, he decided to build a CRM system to provide membership services for e-commerce sellers

in October, the prototype of Qipeng's first product, Weike product, began to appear, and users increased sharply on the twelfth day of the lunar new year. At that time, the customer hoped to solve the problem that the user forgot to pay when placing an order and retrieve the order. The Weike team worked hard to meet the needs of customers, who were very satisfied and brought a batch of customers after recommendation

this small success is a great inspiration to the team

2012, ups and downs, it is important to find the best thing to do

after the first success of the double 12 product, the team is more confident to invest in the research and development of Vik version 1.0. In the double 12 shopping carnival that year, Wiki provided real value and help, so businesses will recommend wiki when sharing experience. This is the beginning of early word-of-mouth communication, which has brought important popularity and reputation to wiki

on the Chinese Valentine's day of this year, because the creative activity of "falling in love with customers" planned by wiki jokingly called one night (page) with the number of pages ordered by customers to meet the freshness and curiosity of users, coupled with the promotion resources in Taobao, Wiki products ushered in another explosion

but it didn't last long, because the consideration of products, operation and technology was not comprehensive enough, and the next double eleven wiki server didn't bear the pressure. In this regard, the team has carried out many summaries and continuous product iterations, deployed more stable technical solutions, and achieved profitability at the end of the year. In the cold winter of capital, this is undoubtedly a thing to celebrate

this year, the wiki team realized that entrepreneurship is like rock climbing with bare hands. Looking down, it is an abyss. Only by making steady progress, can we reach the other side

in 2013, the communication cloud service cloud was launched, and want to be China's twilio

wiki CRM provides member marketing services for Taobao merchants, so there is a large demand for SMS. In order to ensure the stability of short message service, the wiki team has connected with many short message service providers, but found that their products, technologies and services failed to meet the requirements. The team realizes that there are many disadvantages in the traditional communication industry:

resources and channels: channel resources are concentrated in some provinces, and the upstream and downstream information of the industry is asymmetric

service: lack of monitoring, no automatic switching, uneven service levels, and the security and stability of services cannot be guaranteed

products: the SMS channel is unstable, the arrival rate is low, the arrival speed is slow, and the service access process is complex

industry: the order is chaotic, and the market is full of many unreliable agents

while finding out the disadvantages of the traditional communication industry, the wiki team found that their service ideas are more perfect than traditional SMS service providers; Many start-ups do not have the ability or time to build such systems; Even many large companies cannot invest huge human and time costs in research and development. After more than a year of product iterations, the wiki platform has been powerful enough to open up, helping companies with short message service needs to step on fewer holes and detours

cloud communication services continue to develop with the rise of cloud services. The annual scale of enterprise SMS market is about 20billion; In addition to voice and traffic, enterprise communication is a market with a scale of 100 billion. After a series of research, Qipeng found a huge business opportunity in the SMS industry. This gave birth to the cloud

in 2015, cloud slice achieved rapid growth and successfully served customers such as Uber

at the end of March 2015, cloud slice and Uber decided to cooperate. Compared with the bottom-up development of domestic Internet enterprises, Uber is a top-down star publicity model. Cooperating with Uber not only brings business growth, but also gives enterprise friends more experience in serving overseas enterprises

in the same year, the cloud team gradually took shape, and its income exceeded that of Viking in December, which means that the new business exploration is successful, the dependence on the original business is gradually reduced, and it is more confident to try other businesses

in 2016, n=10lg (db/oct).......................................... formula (16), when the IOT wave strikes, it seems that you can hear the sound of the era train changing tracks abruptly

does the voice of clouds make you have a new understanding of the concrete pressure testing machine? I hope the above brief introduction can help you! Contact the IOT business with the operator when making products

the concept of IOT was put forward by MIT in 1999, but 2016 was called the first year of IOT. In these 17 years, technological progress has been the core driving force for IOT to gradually mature from the concept. IOT is not a castle in the air, nor a so-called trend, but a fact that concerns everyone and everything. In the era of IOT, there will be hundreds of billions of connections, a huge number of terminal connections, which need communication as a support. With a strong communication gene, enterprises and friends keenly capture the potential of IOT communication and launch a new business simboss IOT cellular connection service, which has become an important part of the IOT industrial chain

simboss business has flexible and diverse billing methods and professional management platform support, provides personalized solutions for different industries, and launches industry-leading VPDN special products to enable secure and intelligent IOT

in 2017, more attempts and innovations

in 2017, enterprise friends continued to increase their investment in research and development. Cloud chips were launched with functions such as click statistics, registration success rate, short links, etc. simboss launched VPDN special products, and the platform became more and more powerful. Qipeng hopes to transform the enterprise service field through Internet technology, provide high-quality services in all aspects of enterprise operation, so that more companies with dreams can focus on their core products and make enterprise operation simpler

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