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The active printing market has stimulated the innovation momentum of the packaging processing industry

according to the latest statistical data of InfoTrends, the proportion of web printing in the total commercial printing revenue in the United States will increase from 18% in 2011 to 35% in 2015. Compared with the data ten years ago (2000), this proportion has increased six times. At that time, the proportion of online printing in the total revenue of commercial printing was only 3%. By 2015, of the total commercial printing revenue of $158billion in the United States, $55billion will come from network printing companies

in China's business printing market, web printing solutions that can effectively reduce costs are attracting much attention. Web to print, also known as web to print, originated in foreign countries and was introduced to China in recent years. It is a new printing mode for enterprises to rely on the web to receive orders. According to the person in charge of map modification, in the field of product utilization, the main business object of web printing is customers with personalized needs. Such customers are characterized by small demand and short cycle. Therefore, traditional printing enterprises with this kind of business will not accept orders, and the printing revenue is not enough for the cost. In 2017, 35 aluminum based key information reporting projects were completed. Due to its variability and low price, it has well met the needs of customers

in addition, the technological innovation of the upstream industry of printing and packaging is also one of the reasons for the rise of business printing. With the continuous improvement of printing machine manufacturing level, the quality of printed matter has been increasingly improved, and it is also favored by many brand enterprises that can provide excellent wear-resistant properties. Liu Xianghong, manager of the technology center of Guangming Dairy Co., Ltd., once interviewed. Manager Liu said: I think a good printed matter is the brand representative of an enterprise. We attach great importance to the high technical standards and quality standards of enterprises in printed matter, because printed matter will directly affect the sales of products and give consumers a visual impact

in the past, due to the low level of domestic printing technology, it is not difficult for us to understand why many international brands came to China to sell products, while their packaging printing and album printing would rather spend high shipping costs and print abroad. Now, this kind of situation has basically disappeared. With the improvement of domestic printing in 2013, many enterprises have obviously felt this and invested printing orders in China, such as coupons, DM and other printed materials. It is because of this factor that the domestic packaging processing and manufacturing industry has today's market development situation

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