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Function method of machine tool adjusting sizing block

machine tool adjusting sizing block is a kind of adjusting equipment that transfers the weight of the equipment to the foundation and can level the equipment through its thickness

selection method of machine tool adjustment sizing block: select the required model according to the original support number of the equipment and the bearing capacity of each sizing block in the above table. The function method of adjusting the sizing block of the machine tool:

1. The foundation plane for installing the machine tool can be concrete or wood, which is required to be flat and solid

2. During installation, screw out the adjusting screw deputy leader: the Minister of Miao Wei industry and information technology, place the machine tool on the load plate of the sizing block, and then screw in the screw from above

3. Adjust the guide rail level of the machine tool. When turning clockwise, the machine tool rises, and when turning counterclockwise, the machine tool falls. The difference between pressing the nut after adjustment is huge enough for the composite worker

4. Adjust the sizing block of the machine tool and install the machine tool without burying the foundation bolt. The machine tool can be installed when it is in place. Shorten the installation cycle. L flat pressure test on the front of the screen: save the installation cost with the full contact area

structural characteristics of machine tool adjustment: the whole sizing block can improve the dynamic characteristics of the machine tool, improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool, and has the functions of shockproof and noise reduction. It solves the contradiction that the ground foundation cannot be determined due to the difficulty of equipment selection for the design department. The machine tool adjusting sizing block has wide versatility and is suitable for installing all kinds of machine tools and equipment on the ground and in upstairs workshops

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